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Sport Heroes

Senior Product Manager

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Sport Heroes

Sport Heroes

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    Senior Product Manager

    • CDI 
    • Paris
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    Our mission at Sport Heroes: to give everyone the desire to get active on a daily basis. So that every single person find their own path, practice, motivation and balance. Their own way.” 💪

    Who we are ? 🚀
    Sport Heroes is a team of 90 enthusiasts spread around the world. In France, the UK, Spain or Australia, we are convinced of the benefits of physical activity on individual well-being and of its positive impact on society.

    Every day, we work hard to motivate and encourage as many people as possible to adopt a healthier lifestyle through various activities:

    • the United Heroes platform is designed to motivate company employees to move together on a daily basis
    • With our Virtual Club or Virtual Race, which allow you to create your own virtual race event or community programme under a white label.
    • With our own sports communities (Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes, and Swimming Heroes) to support the general public in their practice.

    Figures 📈
    Today, there are more than 2 million people using our platforms, present in more than 150 different countries!
    All this is thanks to hard work since the creation of Sport Heroes in 2014 and the support of more than 300 clients.

    Our goals ⚙️🌎
    All of our communities are developing and growing by leaps and bounds.
    Our goal is to always be able to meet and satisfy their expectations.

    To do this, we need to automate what we do to meet our growing needs faster and more efficiently.
    At Sport Heroes, the key issue is the scalability of our activities.
    At the same time, we are expanding internationally. With users all over the world, we are working hard with all the teams to develop and structure our different activities.

    Job description

    Definition of the function:

    1- Job challenges, missions and results to be achieved

    The challenge is to accelerate product development and ensure impeccable quality. Manage the product development cycle and product quality in order to maximize user satisfaction, clients needs and business revenue.

    You’ll be in charge of researching, defining and delivering the most valuable features and experiences for our communities and clients in close collaboration with the business units (B2C and B2B), design team and technical teams. We deliver websites and apps based on a single product (a SaaS platform based on design components). Part of the product is also a web-based admin console for user & content management.

    2- The tools and means made available to realize them

    You’ll be working in an agile framework environment using Atlassian tools (Jira for backlog and sprint management), Confluence (for functional documentation), ProductBoard (roadmapping), Figma (prototyping) Google Slide (presentations) and Mixpanel (analytics).

    3- The daily tasks

    Once the vision is well understood, the missions of the PM revolve around:

    • Identifying and prioritizing product features according to user and business needs
    • Participate in the implementation of user tests and analyze the results
    • Functional requirements writing and design review with the product design team
    • Management of development sprints, backlog and the prioritization of tasks with the Engineering Managers
    • Quality Assurance of technical deliveries before going into production
    • Continuous control of the quality of production platforms and user paths, management and prioritization of bugs
    • Conduct ongoing competitive intelligence, UX and technology best practice research.

    Preferred experience

    Required profile

    1- The professional skills required and / or simply desirable

    • Use and experience of Agile Methodologies
    • Knowledge of UX tools and practice: research, prototyping, persona, journey maps, user stories
    • Experience in writing functional specifications
    • Understanding the tech stack
    • Strong empathy for users
    • Mobile appetence and notions in UX / UI

    2- The essential personal qualities and those simply desirable

    Autonomous, curious and passionate.
    Good communication both orally and in writing

    3- Experience in the function or activity (desired duration);

    A minimum of 5 years in a Product Manager / Owner role in a digital start-up or scale-up.

    4- Training: level and type of training required.

    Master Degree (Business or Engineering School).

    5- Tools to know or similar

    • Confluence
    • Jira
    • ProductBoard
    • Figma
    • Mixpanel
    • Google Suite (Slide, Sheets, Docs)

    6- Required language level

    Fluent English, ideally bilingual.
    Spanish a +

    Meet the team

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