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Document co-editing has become an integral part of our digital lives, making us collectively more productive. The tedious exchange of documents via email back-and-forth is a thing of the past.

Looking to the future, the potential of co-editing extends far beyond text documents and will apply to all user interfaces for editing, from computer-aided design (CAD) to image processing. We firmly believe that the transition to co-editing will be even more transformative for larger, more complex projects that are inherently social and require the collaborative efforts of large teams. Whether you are designing a stadium, an airplane, or a ship, you need to coordinate diverse expertise to build a unified mod

This is why we proposed and developed the JupyterCAD prototype: to bring co-editing to CAD and 3D modeling. The first version of JupyterCAD was released in July 2023 (and announced in this article).

Collaborative editing in JupyterCAD

Expanding upon JupyterCAD for a better online editing experience

The goal of this internship will be to improve the JupyterCAD user experience. JupyterCAD is still at an early stage of development. While it has solid foundations, it is evolving very quickly as the team is making rapid iterations on the project.

One area of focus will be the improvement of keyboard shortcuts for common user actions, and the improvement of the mouse-based interactions in the 3D editor for e.g. rotating and translating an object around without having to modify numerical values by hand.

On the subject of co-editing, we aim to improve the camera tracking features, by e.g. displaying the position of the cameras of collaborators similarly to how co-editing workflows in word processing allows showing the cursors of collaborators in the document.

Other areas of improvement to JupyterCAD will be the development of a new 2-D sketcher, as the current version available in JupyterCAD is very minimal.

This internship is a great opportunity to contribute to a rapidly evolving open-source project, under the mentorship of core developers of key open-source projects of our ecosystem.

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We are looking for a software engineering intern in their last year of school. We expect candidates to not have professional experience except for earlier internships.

In terms of technical skills, we are looking for students with background in front-end web development to contribute to the development of the JupyterLab project. Experience with any of the following are strong assets to an application:

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python programming languages.

  • Common frontent frameworks such as React.

  • Common CAD software.

Prior experience with Jupyter development specifically is not required. A track record at contributing to open-source software is a huge plus.

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