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QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

Quantitative Economist - Smart Data Conso


QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

  • Big Data, Finance
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Quantitative Economist - Smart Data Conso

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Who are they?

QuantCube Technology uses artificial intelligence and big data analytics to deliver real-time macro-economic insights since 2013.

The firm operates one of the largest alternative data lakes in the world, processing more than 14 billion data end points. Sources encompass news, social media, satellite data, professional networks and consumer reviews, as well as shipping and flight traffic.

QuantCube’s macroeconomic indicators, which include economic growth, inflation, employment and international trade, correlate highly with official data and significantly beat the consensus. Financial institutions using QuantCube data benefit from real-time insight, often ahead of official numbers, which they can use to inform their investment strategies.

Headquartered in Paris, QuantCube employs a diverse international team with expertise in multilingual NLP, deep learning and machine learning techniques. The company’s shareholders include Moody’s and Caisse des Dépôts and its R&D in computer vision has been partially funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and French government space agency (CNES).

QuantCube Technology
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Job description

In order to continue to be at the state of the art in the field of Real-Time Economics, we are looking for economic profiles, with a good understanding of data science applied to various types of data sources, be it time series, textual data, satellite data or cellular data.
We are looking for motivated individuals with expertise in their field and a strong desire to work in a team in a very international environment.

Your mission :

  • Participating in massive data analysis projects using existing tools of machine learning, artificial intelligence and econometrics

  • Develop projects in full autonomy and with good communication within the team, from the detection of sources of information to the creation of macro-economic indicators - economic growth, PMI, employment, inflation, consumption… - on different geographical areas

  • Explore and evaluate available data sources and imagine new applications

Preferred experience

  • Strong interest in Economics and Finance
  • Mastery of Time Series modelling (ARMA, VAR, DFM…)
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning models for regression and classification (Random Forest, decision trees, clustering)
  • Programming language: Python

Good level of English

Recruitment process

  1. Meet the recruiter and a Data Scientist Specialist
  2. Technical interview with the Lead Data Scientist
  3. Meet the co-founders

QuantCube recruits and recognises all talents

QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

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