React Native Developer Intern

Résumé du poste
Stage(6 mois)
Salaire : 700 à 1 200 € par mois
Début : 30 avril 2024
Télétravail occasionnel
Expérience : < 6 mois
Éducation : Bac +3
Compétences & expertises
Gestion de projets
Principes DevOps
React native


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We do believe it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity

  • You will be taking part in a growing startup (and B-Corp), human-sized, with an experienced staff, supporting entrepreneurial mindsets, ownership, and with a very open / transparent / 0 bullshit company culture. Just like any team member, you will take part in the “100 jours”, our quarterly 2-day company-focused gathering where we share / learn / discuss roadmaps, practices, strategic choices, etc. Qomon product team is at the forefront of our actions.

  • We are committed to a challenging, diverse and meaningful sector: citizen-driven organisations, NGOs, movements, campaigns, etc. all over the world.

  • We are closely collaborating with a wide range of citizen-focused actors and organisations in France and in 30+ countries.

  • Code / maintainability is highly valued, while keeping a startup / pragmatic spirit.

General team info

Here is some quick information about the team.


We currently are around 17 full-time employees and growing at a reasonable and organised pace:

  • Paris: CEO, Head of operations, 3 sales, 2 marketing, 1 PMM, 1 CSM (+2 intern), 1 dev Backend, 2 Full-Stack data-scientists

  • Bordeaux: CTO (/backend dev) + 4 dev Backend, 6 (+ you) frontend devs, 1 dev mobile intern, 1 CSM.

We are expecting new full-time members in most Qomon teams by the end of 2024 and more later on ;)

On another topic, the day-to-day language at Qomon in Bordeaux is French. In Paris it’s a mix of French and English as we are very lucky to have foreigners in the team!

We meet (virtually) on a weekly basis for half an hour during our “Monday Digest” where everyone shares his/her weekly achievements and plans.

We gather IRL for each quarter during the “100 days” (already described above).

We have a 0 useless / unprepared meeting policy.

We are a small team, the hierarchy is rather flat and there is no micromanagement. But this doesn’t mean that there is 0 management: team leaders, more senior members, and the CEO / CTO are always available on demand to discuss objectives, carriers, everyday life issues, etc. And obviously, at least once a year 😊 It really is a collective adventure and we want everyone to feel at ease 🚀

Once a month, we organize a event (internal) called Goutech, which is a meetup for the tech side to share some new tech, new patterns, etc..

Team: Tech / Product

So the tech team is in Bordeaux 🍷 It has a strong team spirit, it is composed of individuals with a diverse set of expertise, backgrounds and motivations which makes things interesting! 🔥

To be clear upfront, not all processes are set in stone yet and we are regularly challenging our organisation / scopes / etc.

The current situation is that the product team works on 2-week sprints and we do quick writen dailies to understand everyone progress and challenges.

In terms of general tooling we are using Gitlab, Slack, Discord, Clickup & Notion.

Our stack

• Our Web stack (Javascript) :

  • Vue.js v3 (still old Vue2 compatible files $options api)

  • Nuxt v3 (side projects) + TS

  • Typescript (Roadmap 2024)

  • Vuex (latest)

  • Pinia (latest)

  • Veevalidate

  • Elements Plus

  • Webpack (latest)

  • Babel (latest)

  • CSS : Tailwind v3 ❤️

  • Lit Elements

  • Unit tests with Jest

• Mobile (Javascript) :

  • React native (latest) / Redux (latest)

  • Expo (IOS/Android) - EAS CLI

  • Typescript

  • Unit tests with Jest

  • Build CI/CD (Roadmap 2024)

• Side projects :

  • Nuxt (latest)

  • ExpressJS (latest)

  • Tests unitaires avec Jest

• Others

  • Gitlab

  • CI/CD

  • Scaleway (ATM)

  • Docker

Other teams

• Backend :

  • Backend : Golang - RPC Microservices

  • Environment : Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI

  • Data & datascience : Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Jupyter, PySpark, ElasticSearch, Apache Avro, Redis, Celery, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, AI, etc..

As a frontend developer, you may contribute to several areas

  • Contribute to work for our webapp platform or mobile or both

  • Develop our internal tools (shared configuration between our environements, etc..)

  • DevOps: work on CI/CD, unit tests, etc.

  • Test and improve our unit and e2e tests

  • Help our product owners to bring your ideas for @Qomon

  • Once you discovered the codebase, be able to work with legacy code and to not be afraid of improving small parts of our tool

We obviously do not expect full proficiency over all those areas (awareness & curiosity will be valued).

Your future objectives

Here is a subset of your future objectives:

  • Obviously, enjoy doing the tasks of the roadmaps ☀️

  • Contribute to the company processes and discussions

  • Get fully familiar with the whole frontend stack, architecture @Qomon,

  • Work on making our product more scalable (ease of onboarding, user autonomy, etc.) and defendability (what makes our product unique)

What we have to offer 🎁

  • 💸 Competitive package to work — we believe it — in a fascinating industry with huge challenges coming in the nearest future :)

  • 🗣️ Join a team as a first 25 employees in a hand-on and international environment

  • 🏢 Bordeaux office in “Darwin”

  • 🫂 Take part in a small team with a huge ambition

  • 🔥 Freedom to act and to develop your skills within an experienced & growing team

  • 🚄 Regular team offsites every quarter to stay trained and aligned (but also have fun) (les “100 jours”)

  • 🏠 Possibility of remote (2 days a week after onboarding weeks)

  • 📱 Product first team with huge ambitions in an incredible momentum

  • 🅱️ Qomon is certified B-corp. Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

  • Bordeaux only:
    🏃🏻‍♀️ Running, Cross training, Goutech (internal meetup policy each month)

Profil recherché

  • You are studying for a bachelor/master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent

  • You are or feel ready to write production code (no worries, you won’t be let loose) — preferably in Javascript (bonus if you also know / like VueJS / React Native).

  • Open-minded about and attracted by our view of frontend developer

  • Willing to join the team in the beautiful city of Bordeaux. The current general company rule is at least 3 days in the office a week.

  • Interested in working / ok to work with a wide range of political organisations

  • Used to sharing your opinions and continuously improving

  • You have a professional level of English (>= C1 in Reading / Writing / Speaking),

  • Ability to finish things

  • Interest in citizen-driven organisations.

Déroulement des entretiens

  • Subject to changes

    • A brief screening call with Juliette (Frontend Developer @Qomon) & quick technical discussions

    • Qomon demo by a team member

    • In office debrief (Bordeaux) + frontend oriented discussion + Code base / architecture tour, with Guillaume (Lead developer), Juliette and likely other team members

    • Getting to meet the Tech / Bordeaux

    • Final screening with our CTO Jean-Baptiste & CEO Florent B.

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