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Sales Enablement Manager

Salaire : Non spécifié
Début : 31 octobre 2020
Télétravail occasionnel
Expérience : > 2 ans
Éducation : Bac +5 / Master


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Le poste

Descriptif du poste


The Sales team at Partoo is now 30+ people (20+ Sales, 10+ BDR) spread over France, Spain, Italy and Brazil. Within 2 years we aim to triple this workforce and open half a dozen new countries such as India, Australia and Mexico.

You will contribute to Sales performance as a guarantor of the knowledge of our products, our sales methods and the mastery of our tools. Your role is key in a nascent Sales Ops team as you are the main point of contact between the sales and ops teams.
This is a new position, which consists of taking over missions currently led by our CEOs, Head of Sales & CFO in particular, in order to further structure the sales team and optimise the acquisition of knowledge and skills crucial to a rapidly growing team.


Non-exhaustive list, which can be modified according to Sales’ needs and to the candidate’s aspirations

-> You are responsible for structuring and deploying the onboarding programme as well as the continuous development of the sales skills of the BDR & Sales

-> You ensure the level of in-house knowledge and expertise of our commercial teams in relation to our products and competitive environment by working hand in hand with different teams (product, marketing, etc.)

-> With the head of Sales, you identify content creation / maintenance needs (best practices, updated sales pitch, etc.) and contact the concerned employees to co-create these elements (PMM, Marketing, etc.)

-> You structure this content to ensure it is leveraged by making it easily accessible when needed. That way, you help the sales team become more independent on developing their knowledge and expertise

-> You check the correct use of our productivity tools by the sales teams (Salesforce, Ringover, Salesloft…) and report feedbacks to Ops managers in order to continuously improve processes

-> To support the growing sales team, this position may involve managing sales enablement managers in a near future

Your Team

ThibaultR : a painter in his spare time, Thibault is also a true passionate of photography and travel. After studying at HEC and working two years at BCG, Thibault joined Partoo as Operations Manager to help the company grow and structure itself. Today co-CEO, he continues to work on all fronts, particularly in knowledge management.

Vincent: arrived 2 years after the creation of Partoo, he was the 7th employee and the 2nd Sales. A year later, he took over the management of the sales division and started to create his team. Today, he manages all key account sales at Partoo by interacting directly with Guillaume (Head of Sales France), Torquil (Head of Sales Spain) and Mirko (Head of Sales Italy). His aim is to make Partoo a reference school for key account sales.

Clément: arrived at Partoo in the summer of 2018 as CFO, he is a bit of a Swiss army knife at Partoo. From setting up the CRM, to installing your computer, to managing wifi in the offices, he touches on a bit of everything and likes to help team members solve their problems. He is a triathlon veteran and does more sports per day than you will do in a month. He is currently preparing his second ironman for the new school year.

Ellen : Freshly arrived in April, Ellen is the youngest member of the team. She is nevertheless a rigorous former consultant, very determined in whatever projects she undertakes, be it mid-day sport sessions or dashboard building.

Profil recherché

-> You have either an experience in Key Account Sales, Management Consulting and / or Sales Enablement.

-> You have an excellent command of English and of French

-> You like to share knowledge and know-how in a structured way

-> You like to challenge and be challenged on a daily basis

-> You are very dynamic, confident and determined.

-> You are very autonomous and want to invest yourself in an intense human adventure

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