Senior Sales Manager

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  • Paris
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  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Big Data
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Senior Sales Manager

  • CDI 
  • Paris


PandaScore is the e-sports data provider. We collect real-time data about competitive matches on video games such as League of Legends, CS:GO or Rocket League. Then, we deliver it in real-time as odds & statistics through a REST API and Websockets to the e-sports ecosystem. We currently work with worldwide media, professional teams, and score apps among others to enable the growth of their business with our data!

To collect real-time data from e-sports, PandaScore extracts raw data from live video feeds (Twitch, Youtube Live, …) using a Computer Vision & Deep Learning based software architecture.

PandaScore has been expanding to e-sports betting market for a year now to become the first data provider in one of the most developed markets in the industry.

Why are we doing all this? 🤷‍

Sports is huge, no spoiler there. More recently video games have changed the way we experience entertainment (through streaming, easy matchmaking, and so on) and are reaching the same standard as traditional sports. E-sports is experiencing the same evolution as traditional sports has gone through over past decades, but in just a few years. The growth is truly incredible.

At PandaScore we want to help the growth of the industry by providing data and odds to businesses. We want to have the most reliable and accurate data so products can be built in e-sport with the same, if not better, experience as sports. Our customers are using our data in an automatic and real-time way. This means that if we fail in any way there will be a big impact in a few milliseconds. As such, building robust products is key.

We also strongly believe that our combination of AI and Computer Vision can one day make a huge impact not just on e-sports, but on traditional sports as well. We are not closing any doors.

Learn more about us here:

Wanna know what it’s like to work at Pandascore ? Take a look here:

Job description

To facilitate PandaScore’s growth, we are looking for our next Senior Sales Director! We’re looking for someone that believes esports is a huge growth opportunity for the betting industry.

As a PandaScore Senior Sales Director, you will be:

  • Identifying key prospects within the ecosystem
  • Working with PandaScore’s largest clients
  • A product driven sales person that can explain our AI based approach to prospects
  • Guiding bookmakers on their esports strategy from risk management to customer acquisition
  • Giving strategic guidance to betting executives on esports risk management, customer acquisition, PandaScore’s products
  • An esports evangelist to industry decision makers
  • Deeply caring for our customers and answering any questions/queries on a daily basis
  • Working with the product team to identify the needs of the market
  • Helping to further define and develop the PandaScore sales team

Preferred experience

What you’ll need 💪

To be a part of PandaScore’s sales team you will need:

  • Minimum of 5 years sales/business development experience
  • The ability to close deals from start to finish
  • Experience selling odds feeds to top tier bookmakers or equivalent enterprise sales experience
  • Deep understanding of the betting industry
  • A drive to bring esports betting up to the quality level of traditional sports

Bonus points 👌

  • Excellent knowledge of esports and esports betting markets
  • Direct experience selling esports to bookmakers
  • You are a gamer and love esports

What’s in it for you 🎁

  • Be at the forefront of bringing esports betting to the masses
  • Work in an aggressive company that is on path to become the next big thing in esports and betting

Recruitment process

Join us! 🤝

  • Salary flexible depending on your experience and track record
  • Full remote possible
  • Start ASAP

What’s next? ✌

If you are ready to join us, please apply below.You can expect us to review your application within the following days. If your application and profile fit our requirements, we will invite you for in-house interview sessions.

Meet the Pandascore team

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