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Diplômé de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure et de l’Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Renan commence sa carrière en tant qu'économiste à l'OCDE, puis en tant que Strategic Project manager pour le groupe Richemont avant de devenir Consultant Senior chez McKinsey.

Il cofonde une start-up au Brésil et réalise une exit auprès de Google Ventures en 2018.

Attiré par la tech et l’industrie, Renan cofonde OSS Ventures en 2019 et se donne pour mission d’accompagner l’industrie française dans sa transition technologique, environnementale, sociale et sociétale, la faisant passer d’une industrie 2.0 à une industrie 4.0.

Rencontrez Caroline, UX Designer

Rencontrez Aurore, VC Manager

Rencontrez Adrien, CEO de Mercateam

Rencontrez Quentin, CTO

Rencontrez Léo, Head of Product


Welcome to OSS Ventures Startup Studio 🚀

 Who are We? At OSS Ventures, we’re shaping the future of industry. With boundless passion, we’re the preferred partner for Saas startups revolutionizing Industry 4.0 in France. In 4 years, we’ve propelled 15 startups. With a network of over 1000 manufactures, we’re committed to enhancing industrial performance and working conditions, with continuous growth. Joining OSS Ventures means entering a rapidly expanding ecosystem, with 5 new ventures each year, contributing to France’s industrial renaissance and the international prominence of French Tech.

 ⏰Our Daily routine:

  • Identifying challenges: We target major challenges impacting industrial performance, focusing on those technology can solve.
  • Entrepreneurial support: We select and support talented entrepreneurs to create Saas solutions meeting industrial needs.
  • Co-construction: We co-create and refine these solutions until they perfectly meet client expectations and are profitable.
  • Investment: We invest capital and expertise to launch startups, while allowing entrepreneurs to retain 75% ownership.

As partners, we remain available to support our entrepreneurs even after they take flight, serving on the board as investors.

At OSS Ventures, we’re more than just a startup studio; we’re a driver of industrial innovation, shaping the future collaboratively and ambitiously. Join us in this journey to create tomorrow’s exceptional companies! 🚀

Ce qu'ils recherchent

We are looking for the best entrepreneurs (Growth, Sales, Tech, Product & Operations) to build the industry of tomorrow.

Bon à savoir

Our values

🔧 Build a thing that matters.

🤗 Daring and humble.

🚀 Fail, learn, succeed.

🎓 Practice excellence and benevolence.

🥧 Grow together as one.

🎯 Be changemakers.

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