Associate Software Architecture Engineer

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Associate Software Architecture Engineer

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  • Début :  
  • Wien
  • Bac +5 / Master

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Mantu is an international group providing guidance and services to businesses and entrepreneurs. It has more than 7000 people from 100 different nationalities, spread across 5 continents and more than 60 countries. Mantu stands beside businesses and entrepreneurs to help them fulfil their dreams, achieve their ambitions and realize their projects.
Mantu bolsters their growth, enables their development and supports their transformation.

Mantu believes that businesses are above all a human adventure that carries the world forward – that’s why entrepreneurship is the world’s biggest transformation lever.
Mantu exists to generate opportunities for a vast talent community and pass on our boldness and our entrepreneurial culture and spirit.

We want to contribute to changing people’s lives by enabling them to have an impact, to make a difference, and to move the world forward together.

Whatever their business sectors, all Mantu companies share a single goal: develop and grow a talent community to achieve businesses and entrepreneur’s objectives.

Job description

The IT Department

Mantu’s Information System and Technology department was established in 2007 at the creation of the group. From the very beginning, Mantu positioned itself as an independent corporation, both financially and technology speaking - hence the group success, based not only on an organic growth but also on IT solutions. The IT and IS department has been supporting Mantu and its brands to become one of the leaders in the consulting world.

The IT and IS Department gathers more than 300 talented and highly skilled people in more than 12 countries, with major hubs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vienna, Tunis, Mauritius, Bucharest and Medellin, covering all time zones worldwide 24/7.
The main goal of the IT and IS Department is to provide internal innovative solutions to support the group’s strategy, for more than 6500 users (employees of the Group) worldwide thanks to 200 web and mobile applications composing our global ERP and several IT services including helpdesk support, system & network management, messaging, telephony, security management, cloud infrastructure and business intelligence.

Working in a Microsoft environment, with some of the latest technologies on the market, the IT and IS Department aims to bring value and innovation to the group, gathering the best people in an entertaining and skilled environment having high business impacts.

Your project

The Software Architecture department is responsible for the technical design of our ERP as well as providing our engineering teams (more than 20 teams across 5 countries) with tools, technologies and modules that enable them to develop the right product the right way.

On this project, you would have to design, implement and operate technical solutions to automate software and system engineers’ recurrent tasks such as:
Development environment set-up
Codebases. repositories, databases and servers cleaning
Migration of web applications to match architectural standards
Server configuration set-up to ensure parity between environments (infra as code)

You will contribute to improve the performance of our engineers and make their day-to-day better 

Here is our technology stack:
C# / .NET Core
SQL Server
JavaScript / VueJS
Docker, Kubernetes
Azure Cloud

By joining us, you would have the opportunity to increase your technical skills and be followed and coached by one of our Senior Software Engineer on-site.

Locations: Vienne, Tunis, Vietnam, Barcelone

Preferred experience

You are currently studying for a Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science (or IT related field).

You have successfully achieved projects in software development during your personal, professional or scholar experience using either:
Any scripting language (like Bash or PowerShell)
Or any object oriented programming language (like Java, C++ or C#)

You are a proactive person who like to learns new things days by days. You are curious, you like to understand the whole picture and to work with other members of a multidisciplinary team.  
You are able to identify what really matters in an environment where a lot of problems are going through and need to be solved. You are excited about joining an international environment in Vienna.

Recruitment process

3 ITWs

Meet the team

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