Product Manager

  • CDI 
  • Salaire entre €50K et €60K
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible

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    Product Manager

    • CDI 
    • Salaire entre €50K et €60K
    • Paris
    • Télétravail partiel possible


    Leavy’s mission 🚀

    Leavy.co is a young French scale-up (created in 2017) already spotted as Europe’s answer to Airbnb.

    On a clear mission to unlock travel for everyone, the platform gets straight to the point: it pays directly, in advance & within 24 hours, users willing to share their homes or care for fellow travelers.

    Our mission is to help people to travel, move to new places and connect with each other.

    We have high ambitions, as we plan to become the next Tech unicorn 🦄 That’s why we need your help!

    Leavy’s achievements ✨

    In case you need more reasons why you should join us, please note that:

    Our culture 🧬

    As our future employee, you need to embody the following core values, dear to our hearts:

    💪 Empowerment: Whatever it is you can do it, so go crazy
    🌍 Diversity: Come as you were and become who you are
    🤗 Empathy: Be kind or be gone
    💬 Brutal Honesty: Tell it before it goes to shit #NOFILTER
    ⚔️ Resilience: Never give up til it is done
    🐶 Pet Friendly: If you have a pet, they’re more than welcome at the office

    Job description

    At Leavy, we don’t just make travel accessible to everyone: we strive to make the experience as simple and seamless as possible.

    However, beneath the tip of this iceberg lies a complex ecosystem of products on which a multidisciplinary and multicultural team works tirelessly.
    UI/UX designers, software engineers, data scientists, sales people, customer support… they work together every day to make these products a reality:

    • The Happy Leaver platform, which allows our users to earn money by sharing their home whenever they want to travel ;
    • The Host On Demand platform, which allows a community of freelancers to earn money by taking care of the accommodations that are entrusted to us ;
    • A back-office and various internal tools to manage our various accommodations, and delegate missions to the Host On Demand community ;
    • And soon, a portal that will allow anyone to book one of our available accommodations at attractive prices.

    As the new Product Manager, you will help us make these products even easier to use and perfectly suited to our users’ needs, while being financially cost-effective for the company.
    You will also implement the necessary processes to make the product development lifecycle more predictable, efficient and reactive to users’ feedbacks, operational needs and market trends.
    To this end, you will need to inspire and federate our different teams into a cross-functional team, and give them a common direction in which to move forward.

    More concretely, we will need you to:

    • Create and oversee development and project management processes ;
    • Turn the company’s vision into products with a well-defined strategy and roadmap ;
    • Translate this strategy into detailed requirements, provide directions and documentation to the development team, following Agile methodologies ;
    • Gather operational requirements from the sales & customer support teams, prioritize them and turn them into features to improve internal tools and therefore efficiency ;
    • Learn more about our users and analyze their needs, feedbacks and pain points, determine and track key metrics contributing to product success ;
    • Stay on top of market trends, and translate that into improvements/new features to ensure our product/market fit ;

    If you love to turn complex ideas into easy-to-use products, federate teams with different skills around a common goal, and deliver impactful products: this job is for you!


    • 3 - 5+ years working as a Product Manager or a similar position
    • Proven experience working mainly on B2C products
    • Experienced in working with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team
    • Knowledge of/experience in the tourism, short term rental, or fintech sectors would be a valuable asset
    • Successful experience in a startup environment would also be welcome

    Hard Skills

    • Proven track record of managing all aspects of a successful product throughout its lifecycle
    • Solid experience in Project Management, following Agile methodologies
    • Understanding and/or hands-on experience in software development, web technologies, UI/UX design, data science
    • Highly effective cross-functional team management and excellent teamwork skills
    • Excellent writing and editing skills combined with strong presentation and public speaking skills

    Soft Skills

    • Creativity and innovative flair
    • Thoughtful and natural leadership
    • Negotiation & conflict resolution skills, adaptability
    • Active listening, effective communication
    • Critical & logical thinking
    • Receptive to feedback, self-awareness
    • Working well under pressure

    Benefits 💎

    💰 From 45k€ to 55k€ per year, depending on experience and the final scope of the mission
    🧡 Premium health coverage
    🤍 Premium pension scheme
    🚇 50% transportation reimbursement
    🍴 Meal voucher card of 11€ per day
    💻 Remote work allowed
    🏖 Off-sites in super cool locations every 6 months
    🧳 2 free weekends a year in a “Leavy accommodation”
    👶 Parental Act: extended paternity leave

    Meet the team

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    • Tourism

    Product Manager

    • CDI 
    • Salaire entre €50K et €60K
    • Paris
    • Télétravail partiel possible
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