Machine Learning Research Intern


Machine Learning Research Intern

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Télétravail total possible
  • Bac +5 / Master




  • Application mobile, Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning, FinTech / InsurTech
  • Entre 15 et 50 salariés

Le poste

Machine Learning Research Intern

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Télétravail total possible
  • Bac +5 / Master

Who are they?

At Joko, we leverage technology to help our users shop smarter: we help people preserve their purchasing power, buy more responsibly, and save time — all at once. Our ambition is to have a positive impact on the everyday life of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. To achieve that, we have built an app as well as a smart browser that provide users with:

  • online and in-store cashback
  • automatically applied coupon codes
  • interest-free ‘buy now pay later’ on any shopping website
  • information on their purchases’ carbon emissions
  • and much more!

Joko was created in 2018 by Xavier, Alexandre, and Nicolas and the team has reached great milestones already:

  • 1.5m+ users
  • 1400+ merchant partners
  • €12m+ raised from leading European investors
  • 45 team members
  • €8b transactions processed to date

If you want to know more about Joko, check out this page.

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Job description

As a Machine Learning research intern at Joko, you will work on the automatic analysis of webpages, which is central for many core features of the browser for shopping that we are currently building. For instance, your work will be key to delivering functionalities such as price tracking or universal one-click purchase. It will also lay down the foundations of a smarter web browser, able to recognize and transform elements in real time on any website, in order to offer a unified and smooth shopping experience to our users.

You will typically work on the webpage element classification problem to automatically identify components such as product prices, shipping details forms, or product images on any e-commerce website. You will study natural approaches to this problem:

  • A first approach consists in analyzing webpages’ raw HTML code using NLP algorithms. But since CSS is extensively used to transform the appearance of webpages and since most websites use JavaScript to dynamically transform their content, this approach is far from being straightforward.
  • Another approach consists in analyzing the image rendered by the web browser using computer vision algorithms, but this approach can be very heavy compared to approaches that can work at higher level of abstractions, before the rendering phase.

You will also work on more advanced approaches for which you will have to dig deep into how webpages are transformed and rendered by web browsers, and find the right level of abstraction for your classification algorithms.

Exploration will represent an important part of the internship, through literature reviews, theoretical developments, and experiments. You will have full ownership of your projects, and the liberty to orient the research direction of your internship based on your results and what you consider promising amongst directions we determined.

You will work closely with the engineering team that will be here to help you integrate coding best practices into your research, and to give you an insider look into modern software development. You will also have the possibility to integrate some of the algorithms you designed into our product, and monitor their impacts on hundreds of thousands of users.

Your responsibilities:

  • Research: You will work on all steps of the research process – you will formalize the objectives of your work, conduct literature reviews to have a deep understanding of the problems, design new algorithms, analyze them both theoretically and experimentally, and collect and transform relevant data for your experiments.
  • Exploration & ownership: You will participate in orienting the internship towards research directions you deem valuable to our users.
  • Implementation, deployment & monitoring in production: Helped by the engineering team, you will be responsible for integrating into our product the most scalable and robust algorithms you will have worked on. Finally, you will monitor their impact on our users.
  • Processes: You will help improve our R&D tools, processes, and organization.

Preferred experience

  • Problem solver: You have strong analytical skills, you are creative, and you love solving complex problems.
  • Fast learner: You are comfortable in any technical environment and are able to quickly learn new technologies and new practices.
  • Programming skills: You have experience with writing code and are willing to improve on it. You have experience with Python and Python Machine Learning frameworks.
  • Attention to details: You know that the devil is in the details, and you have talent for spotting flaws when they exist.
  • Tech savvy: You are constantly looking at emerging technologies and you keep a close eye on the latest trends in the domain.
  • Efficiency: You are fond of productivity tools and able to deliver on time on projects with many stakeholders.
  • Mindset: You have an entrepreneurial mindset, you like challenges, you welcome feedback and you are willing to get better every day to reach excellence.
  • Communication: You have strong written and verbal communication skills, and you are able to explain something complex with simple words.
  • Languages: You are fluent in English both written and spoken, as we are expanding internationally soon. Mastering French is not required.
  • Education: You are a graduate student in a Machine Learning master.

Nice to have:

  • You have experience with research, from past internships or projects
  • You have knowledge in web automation and/or in web browser development


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