Aqua Nutrition Director – Salmonids M/W


Aqua Nutrition Director – Salmonids M/W




  • Agroalimentaire / Nutrition animale
  • Entre 250 et 2000 salariés

Le poste

Aqua Nutrition Director – Salmonids M/W

Who are they?

Innovafeed contributes to the construction of a sustainable food system by developing a pioneering and innovative industry: the breeding and processing of insects (Hermetia Illucens fly).
Their mission:

  • To have a positive overall environmental impact based on circular economy and inspired by natural food chains;
  • To generate territorial economic dynamism : in order to feed and raise their larvaes, they are co-located with agro-industrial partners that provide them with co-products and low footprint energy.
    Incorporated in 2016, Innovafeed manufactures and sells 3 different insect-based products:
  • For a high-quality aquaculture respectful of animals’ natural diets, insect protein is obviously the best fish feed, particularly for salmon and trout that you would fly fish in a river! 🐟
  • For a sustainable farming respectful of animal welfare, insect oil is efficient for feeding animals like poultry and pig 🐤 
  • For a regenerative agriculture respectful of soils’ integrity, insects feces are leveraged as an efficient organic fertilizer  🌱  
Want to know more about Innovafeed?Company culture, teams, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description

Your missions

As part of the Technical Sales & Marketing Team, you will be responsible for the P&L of our insect ingredients products for fish feed.

In particular, your responsibilities will entail:

1. Further improve and secure Innovafeed’s salmonids value proposition to support Innovafeed’s growth trajectory

a. Optimize product quality collaborating with Production, QHSE and R&D: further improve KPIs, identify and quantify improvement levers, ensure consistent enforcement

b. Identify & demonstrate performance (zootechnical, health, organoleptic) with leading labs, research institutes, clients and collaborating with Innovafeed’s Product Performance Team

c. Strengthen product pricing strategy

2. Secure salmonids commercial partnerships across geographies and clients

a. Manage and grow existing key accounts

b. Ensure seamless contract execution across production sites (Nesle, Decatur) and client geographies

c. Secure additional salmonids offtakes for both existing (Nesle) and future sites (e.g. Decatur)

3. Anchor Innovafeed’s sustainability value proposition for salmonids by launching global salmon value chain

a. Define Innovafeed’s sustainability measurement methodology for salmonids leveraging insect protein and marketing messages across the value chain

b. Identify iconic value chain and launch

4. Anchor and advertise Innovafeed’s salmonids expertise/brand globally

a. Develop and execute strong marketing efforts: identify and publish in key publications, develop Innovafeed’s marketing materials for salmonids, organize own marketing events for salmonids

b. Identify and represent Innovafeed at key aquaculture events

c. Secure key labels obtention (incl. Label Rouge, Organic)

Localisation: Paris, France; remote can be considered with frequent travels to France

Your qualifications and skills

- 10+ Years experience in the aquafeed industry in technical sales role

- Experience in technical sales roles

- Experience working for a feed formulator company

- Academic background in aquaculture

- Strategic thinker, you know how to build a structured approach

- A good level of Norwegian (writting / speaking) would be a plus.

Perks of joining InnovaFeed

- A customized on-boarding process to discover our business through an operator training and the role of each team through dedicated presentations ;

- A particular care in the follow-up of your integration via specific exchanges and a feedback report;

- Alan's mutual insurance and provident fund for all;

- An important involvement of the employees in the growth and construction of the company (working groups, surveys...);

- An internal training program to allow you to develop.



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