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Inbolt is a robotics software company developing a real-time industrial robot guidance solution based on 3D vision and AI.

Their mission is to create a vision system for industrial robots that enables robust real-time decision-making for any type of environment.

Their solution consists of a 3D camera mounted on a robotic arm linked to their software. This allows Inbolt clients to train and integrate AI with their robots. The 3D camera can be attached to any industrial robot, enabling it to perceive its work environment.

They currently work with the top automotive industries in Europe and in the US.

With a total of €5M raised, several positions are opened: software engineers, developers, sales, etc., for full-time jobs and internships.

Headquartered in Paris, France.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Inbolt is looking for all types of people ( Tech, Sales, R&D, Ops, etc.) who share its three values: 

  • Cohesion and Inclusion

  • Ambition and Excellence

  • "Get Shit Done" 

Bon à savoir

  • Offices in the heart of Paris at Opéra

  • Generous remote-work policy

  • Weekly "share times" to share knowledge

  • Regular after-works & off-sites

  • A gymlib access sponsored by Inbolt to provide easy and affordable access to sports

  • A Swile card for lunch

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