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Hexa (eFounders)

Hexa (eFounders)

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Fintech founder

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About Logic Founders
Logic Founders is a new startup studio created by eFounders and Camille Tyan, an experienced fintech entrepreneur. eFounders was the first to pioneer the startup studio model in 2011 and has launched 27 companies since, including four fintechs (Spendesk, Upflow, Multis and Swan).

We believe we are entering a new era of fintech, where financial services will be no longer distributed by banks but instead will be embedded within all software products. The team is already exploring exciting ideas in payments orchestration, asset securitization, lending APIs and B2B identity!

Hexa (eFounders)
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What we do
We bring together world-class ideas, resources and talent to build the most ambitious fintech companies. By starting a company with Logic Founders, you will instantly get access to:

  • Ambitious ideas. We come up with the most exciting fintech opportunities by running an extensive research and ideation process
  • Unparalleled resources. We kickstart your company by bringing you a team, financial resources, and expertise in product, design, growth, recruiting, and fintech
  • Mentorship. Our studio partners are successful entrepreneurs who will invest in your growth as a leader
  • Freedom. We let you dream bigger. The funding and expertise we provide simply enable you to go further and faster.

Becoming a founder
As a founder, you will be launching YOUR company. Your job will be to set the vision, build the technology, assemble the team, launch the product and turn the idea into an independent company.

Over a 12-18 months cycle, our team of product designers, recruiters, go-to-market experts and partners will act together as your “third co-founder”, until you are ready to raise external funding.

Profil recherché

We are looking for co-founders to launch and lead highly ambitious companies. While we work with talented founders of all backgrounds and levels of experience, we will be particularly impressed by people who display the following traits:

  • Huge ambition to build a high-growth fintech company
  • Leadership and communication ability
  • Vision and strong beliefs about the future
  • Successful business or technical experience
  • Broad product and tech culture

Joining eFounders is a unique opportunity to launch your startup in an environment dedicated to founders.
To find out more, previous founders have shared their experience here:

eFounders is committed to creating a diverse environment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment irrespective of gender, origins, identity, background and orientations.
We are aware there’s a long way to go with regards to diversity in our industry, which is why we encourage all applicants- and especially those listed above- to apply to our open positions.

Hexa (eFounders)
Hexa (eFounders)

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