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Head of Marketing

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Who are they?

FIXED.zone a.s. je česká firma s ambicemi na pozici leadera na evropském trhu.

Na počátku byl tým nadšenců, kteří ve sklepě začali s distribucí příslušenství k mobilním telefonům.

Následující léta firma rostla a z distribuce příslušenství k mobilním telefonům, tabletům nebo notebookům se stala známá značka s vlastním vývojem a produkty.

V jejich „dílně“ vytvořili chytré lokátory, mini nabíječky, bezdrátové powerbanky a dokonce koupili šicí dílnu v Prostějově, kde ručně vyrábí kvalitní kožená pouzdra nejen pro telefony a tablety, ale i chytré lokátory včetně AirTagu.

Tím ale zdaleka nekončí, neustále rostou a s nimi i jejich tým.

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Job description

After more than 20 years of growth and development, we decided to keep our focus on what’s important. Great product, export, customer experience and progressive marketing.

Our vision is clear, becoming the leader of smart device accessories market in EU within next couple of years.

We are currently looking for head of marketing, that will help our team to achieve its full potential, with extensive marketing and leadership experience and drive to take us further and beyond.

Do you want to be the head of a team that shapes the future of fast growing brand?
Can you navigate diverse team of marketeers through entering new market places in European countries?
Do you have what it takes to prove your skillset in complex senior marketing position?

We need someone who’s strong in communication, will be able to strategically plan and set priorities to several fields of marketing, take responsibility and pleasure in each of our activities, plus preferably will be a tech enthusiast.

For a better idea what is our current focus in marketing:

  • product marketing
  • strong marketing with B2B partners
  • brand building, ATL and BTL campaigns
  • international marketplaces marketing
  • D2C e-shop and website development
  • various activities with our clients - festivals, exhibitions, sponsorships etc.
  • SOME, PPC and other online marketing activities
  • employer branding and company PR

Preferred experience

What do we expect from you:

  • to know your way around cultural and marketing differences in Central EU region
  • to have analytical and logical thinking
  • to be skilled at multi-level project management
  • to have extensive marketing and brand building experience
  • to have the will to learn new skills and share acquired knowledge with the rest of the team
  • to be an inspiration and a leader to the team
  • to be able of fast recognition of the needs and opportunities of new markets within EU
  • to be a self-driven person with strong ownership and responsibility with high level of independence

Although it is possible to work fully remote, we’d like for our team to meet on regular basis in person, for that location in Central EU is preferred.

Recruitment process

At FIXED we believe in chemistry within us, so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will talk about your vision and experience that could enrich both sides of this future cooperation.



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