Back-end Developer

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible
  • Bac +5 / Master
  • > 3 ans

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    Back-end Developer

    • CDI 
    • Paris
    • Télétravail partiel possible
    • Bac +5 / Master
    • > 3 ans

    À propos

    Equify a pour mission de révolutionner la gestion juridique et financière de l’actionnariat des sociétés privées en Europe.

    L’histoire des sociétés s’écrit à travers un grand nombre de documents juridiques signés, échangés, enregistrés,.. tous ces documents sont autant de pièces d’un même puzzle qu’il faut pouvoir rassembler et maîtriser pour avoir la juste vision de l’actionnariat de la société et de son histoire.

    Equify est une solution qui crée une source unique d’information, capable de collecter, générer et connecter intelligemment toutes ces pièces du puzzle pour aider les sociétés à écrire sereinement et efficacement leur histoire actionnariale : levée de fonds, attribution de BSPCE/stock-options aux salariés, gouvernance, ça se passe sur Equify.

    Equify permet aux sociétés de mettre cette information, fiable et sécurisée, au service de tous ceux qui font grandir l’entreprise : les employés, les dirigeants et les investisseurs.

    Aujourd’hui ce sont plus de 200 startups et PME qui font confiance à Equify pour la gestion de leur actionnariat, parmi lesquelles Doctolib, Luko, Qonto, Vestiaire Collective ou encore Pennylane. Prochaine étape : devenir le leader en Europe.

    Descriptif du poste

    The Engineering team at Equify is responsible for building the infrastructure and the application to deliver a crisp experience to our users, companies, and even ourselves!

    Engineers are strongly involved in the design process to solve compromises and find opportunities that technology enables.

    The team also has the very important role of keeping security and privacy above everything else. We deal with very sensitive data which means:

    • it can never leak to the wrong person
    • it has to be right to the decimal every time


    • Map a very intricate system -Equity- into a solid data-model that can withstand the legal-framework of multiple countries
    • Crunch tons of data and deliver it to our users in a fast, reliable, and comprehensive manner every time
    • Maintain and improve a very complex caching infrastructure based on a depencies graph (DAG)
    • Improve the way asynchronous data updates are streamed to the app to keep clients up-to-date with the state of the cache
    • Constantly improve our CI-CD pipeline to further speed-up development time and maintain reliability at a high standard
    • Always keep privacy as the top priority, embrace it while developing a feature, and bring new ideas to the table
    • Research, pitch to the team, and work on innovative tech solutions to solve hard problems

    The stack

    • API: GraphQL
    • Frontend: React and Apollo
    • Backend: Node with Typescript, Apollo, Algolia, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4J
    • CI / CD: Github, CircleCI, Codecov, AWS

    What you will do

    Create software in its most simple way:

    • Take full ownership for specific projects
    • Design technical solutions that anticipate product and business needs
    • Optimise for stability with redundant systems, retry mechanism, graceful failure, and degraded services
    • Split your projects into tasks and distribute work amongst the team to ensure everyone touches every projects. You never work alone.
    • Share knowledge with your teammates on a regular basis
    • Discuss potential solutions to tech issues
    • Discover & understand ways to make our engineering team more efficient
    • Design & build tools to empower the team

    Profil recherché

    You could be our next teammate if you have:

    • 3+ years of experience as a software engineer
    • Experience on strongly typed languages
    • Good handling of relational databases
    • Working knowledge about message queues and asynchronous systems
    • Passing grasp of common data engineering patterns and data structures
    • Rigorous testing background

    Déroulement des entretiens

    1. 1h interview with our CTO
    2. Technical test
    3. 1h fit interview with our COO
    4. Reference check
    5. Final interview at the office with our CEO

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