Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer (Rails + React, Remote) [x2 positions]

  • CDI 
  • Salaire entre €55K et €75K
  • Télétravail total possible
  • Bac +5 / Master
  • > 5 ans

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    Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer (Rails + React, Remote) [x2 positions]

    • CDI 
    • Salaire entre €55K et €75K
    • Télétravail total possible
    • Bac +5 / Master
    • > 5 ans


    At Elevo, we think that a well crafted software can help induce a positive paradigm shift in how companies think about management and feedback. Historically, it’s been backwards: HR software emulates existing workflow in a clunky, disengaging way. We believe in delivering a management framework that works, enabled by a smooth, beautiful software to make people management work better.

    We are inspired by the best practices we have witnessed first hand in our past experiences in bigger tech companies such as Apple, Google or Criteo.

    We are looking for pragmatic, like-minded people that like to think through challenges to deliver the best product we can.

    🎉 Our Culture

    • Our software aims at being simple, reliable, and yet customizeable to adapt most workflows. We start simple, then expand.
    • We use a weekly Scrum workflow, keeping what works for us. We design, plan, and discuss together. We do a retrospective once a week, when we discuss technical and organizational matters alike.
    • In our processes, in our product and in our code, we always aim for continuous improvement (“kaizen”). We release small and release often.
    • Our tech team is working mostly remotly. We still gather in our Paris office once in a while, but all meetings are organized remote-first.

    💻 Our Stack

    • We keep things as simple and up-to-date as necessary in a single repository.
    • On the backend we use Ruby on Rails 6 with PostgreSQL 12 as our main database for our JSON:API endpoints, and Redis for jobs and cache (think volatile data).
    • On the frontend, we use React 17 with Flow, ES6, and Babel.
    • We have an evolving UIKit, spanning from Figma to React, consisting in a set of components, styles and guidelines we reuse. We use SASS and Bulma as a foundation for now.
    • We have thousands of Rspec tests, units, integration, API, and E2E, integrated in CI with other linters (Rubocop) and prettiers (well, actually mainly just Prettier ;)). We even have spawnable staging environments and data tests for heavy migrations.
    • All of this is monitored through HostedGraphite dashboards. Sentry, LogEntries, Sqreen and NewRelic allow us to stay on top of possible issues, should they arise despite our extensive test suite.
    • Possible future evolutions include: using Sorbet to static-type our Ruby, use GraphQL instead of JSON:API if it makes sense, create a Storybook, integrate Danger in our CI or make a native 65c816 app.

    Job description

    Elevo is looking for a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer to take a lead role in the company!

    As a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer in our team, you will:

    • Architect new features and products with an emphasis on scalability
    • Guide existing features towards more maintainable and scalable designs
    • Mentor the other people in our team
    • Actively help in the recruitment of other team members

    Some example of things you could/would have work on:

    • Create a reusable user segmentation abstraction reusable everywhere in the app
    • Scale up our reporting capabilities and optimise the SQL powering our reports
    • Draft a way to modularize our applications to increase developper independance working on features
    • Add monitoring to our Grafana dashboard to remove a blind spot
    • Investigate the memory impact of some endpoint

    Preferred experience

    🧐 Your are a pragmatic person
    🎓 You like to think through challenges to deliver the best product possible
    👑 You care about our customer experience
    🏆 You have around 5 years of professional experience in a full stack environment on a Ruby on Rails SPA app
    🧮 You have good knowledge of modern JavaScript and component-driven UI development
    🎉 You like to work in a team in a chill and fun spirit


    Office & Team Life

    • Great office in the center of Paris with a terrace!
    • Company fun offsites: usually 2-3 days, previous years brought us to Courchevel, Bruxelles, French countryside…
    • Global company all hands meeting (once/twice a year). Usually a half a day on future strategy presentation and half a day of fun stuff. We fly everyone to the same location.
    • Latest Apple laptop
    • Every team has a Quarterly Team budget they can spend how they please (team activities, restaurant, and more…)
    • Monthly remote event to get to know each other around our in-house made game (guaranteed fun time)


    • Sabbatical time off: every 3 years you receive an extra 4 weeks of time off
    • Remote friendly policy with full remote possible
    • Work-life balance: this is very important to us and we make sure this is a reality
    • Parity: 55% of our teams are women
    • Parenthood welcomed (we signed the ParentalAct)
    • Great healthcare and retirement benefits

    Recruitment process

    1️⃣ Application
    2️⃣ Screening 1 (20 min: what we do, what are you looking for)
    3️⃣ Screening 2 (1h, CS & programming basics)
    4️⃣ Deep-dive: we send you some design questions to prepare and we debrief together
    5️⃣ Soft skills: Chat with employees and founders

    Meet the team

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    • SaaS / Cloud Services

    Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer (Rails + React, Remote) [x2 positions]

    • CDI 
    • Salaire entre €55K et €75K
    • Télétravail total possible
    • Bac +5 / Master
    • > 5 ans
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