Design System Engineer

  • CDI 
  • Levallois-Perret
  • Bac +5 / Master
  • > 5 ans

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    Design System Engineer

    • CDI 
    • Levallois-Perret
    • Bac +5 / Master
    • > 5 ans

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    Fondée en 2013, Doctolib est une entreprise en hyper-croissance et leader de la e-santé en Europe. Chaque jour, nous nous efforçons de remplir trois missions entrepreneuriales :

    1. Améliorer le quotidien de tout le personnel de santé.
    2. Améliorer l’accès aux soins et la santé des patients.
    3. Bâtir une équipe d’entrepreneurs partageant des valeurs humanistes.

    Nous nous consacrons à la création de solutions utiles pour le personnel de santé et les patients, quels que soient leur âge, leur santé ou leur région. Nous croyons fermement qu’il faut donner la priorité à la protection de la vie privée tout en continuant à créer des services ayant un impact social positif à long terme.

    Job description

    Doctolib is on a mission to transform access to healthcare and is looking for a Front End Developer specialised in working on Design System to ensure excellence use of our design system.

    It’s hard to find a more diverse skill set than the one you’ll find in the Design team: User Research, Brand Design, UX Writing, Product Design and Design Operations of course. 

    Yet, all the team members have something in common: they care about providing the best experience to our users.

    Their goal: move from a complex context to create and design the simplest solution for our users with a pixel perfect approach.

    With designers across our different offices (Paris & Berlin for now) you’ll be able to learn & grow your design skills in a multicultural environment.


    What you will do

    • Become the advocate between the tech and design team in order to push best practices,

    • Create excellent team coordination and processes,

    • Build and maintain detailed documentation of our design system, working with both engineers—to understand front-end technical requirements—and designers—to understand product needs and end-user behaviors.


    Your main missions will be:

    1) Ensure smooth continuity of work between design and tech team

    • Manage the Design System components library (Storybook 80% + Figma 20%):

      • Backlog analysis & prioritization

      • Design system workshops with Design Ops

      • Components library ready before dev sprint

    • Define and apply processes in collaboration with Design Ops & Engineering Managers

    • Communicate within the tech team about Design System usage and updates


    2) Ensure the overall quality of tech deliverables from a design perspective

    • Relay point for dev questions (missing component, component not yet dev, evolution on a component…)

    • Check the good usage of components in the tech deliverables

    • Sync with Design Ops to ensure design quality & consistency vs. Figma file

    3)Ensure scalability of Design System usage

    • Continuously maintain & update components library

    • Full scalability of components (Desktop, Mobile...)

    • Design System completion with legacy shared objects, support legacy product evolution 

    Impact & main KPI’s you’ll be focusing on:

    • Reduce backlog size

    • Tech time earned finding/developing the front interface of our products

    • Ratio Design System components used in the product 


    Your skills

    You could be our next team mate if you: 

    • Have a great understanding of processes, requirements and specific needs on both sides (tech and design).

    • Have a strong ability to prioritize, sharpen, iterate, and sketch to create the more adaptable components

    • Have great communication skills in order to share, evangelize and promote the Design System as a cornerstone and a link between tech and design

    • Animate workshops with the different stakeholders

    • Are a master of Git, Storybook and our visual regression testing tool. Figma and Zeroheight are also part of your toolkit

    Now, it would be fantastic if you could also:

    • Be proficient in English and hopefully German although not essential

    • Have experienced working in data and tech complex environment for 5 years


    The interview process

    • 45 minutes call with our Talent Acquisition team 

    • 1h interview with the Design team to deep dive in the role and scope.

    • Prepare your case study & present it to the Design team

    • Kata exercice with our Engineering team

    • 30 minutes final Interview with our CPO


    More about the position 

    • Permanent Position 

    • Full time 

    • DoctoCampus in Levallois-Perret


    About Doctolib

    Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing e-health service in Europe.

    We provide healthcare professionals with services to improve the efficiency of their organization, transform their patients' experience, and strengthen cooperation with other practitioners. We help patients to access care easily, with online appointment scheduling, teleconsultations and receiving their prescriptions online.Doctolib is also a group of passionate entrepreneurs who are transforming the healthcare industry and share the SCALES values.At Doctolib, we don’t just accept diversity, we respect and celebrate it! We’re proudly committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of your gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability or place of origin. We take care of each other and are grateful for each Doctoliber’s contribution to our mission!




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