Data-Scientist (internship)

  • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
  • Paris
  • Bac +5 / Master

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    Data-Scientist (internship)

    • Stage (5 à 6 mois)
    • Paris
    • Bac +5 / Master


    Depuis 2014, Deepki accompagne les acteurs de l’immobilier dans leur transition zéro carbone. Pour atteindre la neutralité carbone, Deepki facilite l’alignement de tous les acteurs du secteur autour de stratégies ESG adaptées et permet ainsi de rendre l’immobilier plus vertueux.

    Deepki est la seule entreprise qui offre des solutions ESG complètes alliant une plateforme SaaS collaborative et des services d’accompagnement et de conseil. Avec des solutions basées sur la Data Intelligence, Deepki améliore la performance ESG de ses clients et maximise la valeur de leurs actifs.

    Chiffres clés :

    • +400M de m² surveillés
    • +38 pays où la donnée est collectée
    • +180k TeqCO₂ d’économies d’émission détectées
    • +250 clients à travers le monde

    Vincent Bryant et Emmanuel Blanchet se sont rencontrés en 2010. Ils partageaient tous les deux l’idée que l’exploitation des données existantes par la data intelligence contribuerait à accélérer massivement la transition environnementale du secteur immobilier.

    Leur devise chez Deepki : “on dit ce qu’on fait & on fait ce qu’on dit !”

    Job description

    Founded in 2014, Deepki supports real estate players in their transition to net zero and sustainability. To achieve this transition towards sustainability, Deepki helps realign stakeholders’ interests to build efficient strategies and transform real estate into a positive force for the planet.

    Deepki is the only company offering a fully populated ESG data intelligence platform combined with expert advisory services. The company’s end-to-end solutions leverage data to improve ESG performance and enhance the value of real estate assets.

    Key figures:
    400M+ of sqm monitored
    38+ countries where we operate
    180k+ teqCO₂ savings detected
    250+ references across the world

    Deepki’s moto: “We say what we do & we do what we say!”

    What we’re looking for :
    We are looking to grow our teams with talents that share our energy and motivation to accelerate the environmental transition at an international scale!

    Our profiles are a mix of different backgrounds and experiences, all of whom work together in order to ensure the best possible user experience. To match Deepki’s mindset, it is important to be open and curious, with good listening skills. Joining Deepki means becoming a team player, and giving a purpose to your work by trying to save the world every day! ;)

    Deepki: #ImpactForward

    Within this Young Innovative Company, the Data-Scientist :

    Carries out various statistical exploitations of databases (data integration, exploratory analyses, classification, modelling, dataviz, etc.);

    Participates in the development of internal APIs (detection of anomalies, implementation of automatic alerts, recovery of open data bases, etc.);

    Develops statistical tools and Proofs of Concept (PoC) based on the Lean Startup and Agile model;

    Carries out R&D projects in relation with external research laboratories;

    Communicates the results of its analyses to other teams.

    Preferred experience

    Statistical analysis and modelling (R, python…)
    Skills in Data-Visualisation
    Scientific rigour

    Project management
    Communication and pedagogy
    Interest in Energy Efficiency

    Recruitment process

    2 to 3 interviews

    Meet the team

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