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Inutile de vous présenter dans les détails la société Criteo, cette success story à la française qui permet aux annonceurs d’améliorer leurs ventes...

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Founded in a Paris start-up incubator, Criteo now carries out their entrepreneurial spirit across 30+ offices globally. They are building the advertising platform for the open Internet, offering opportunity for all players along the value chain – big and small. Being part of Criteo means having the freedom to drive your ideas, take risks, move fast and enjoy every moment. When you combine its computational power and unparalleled datasets with the intelligence of its people, anything is possible. Join Criteo in creating a new world where everyone wins.

From its entrepreneurial beginnings to the success Criteo shares today, it’s been a journey of global proportions. And it is just getting started.

They create impact at scale. They are 2700 people (and counting), but their work touches half of the Internet’s population. Every Criteo can make a real impact while being part of something big. And that’s incredibly rewarding.

They challenge everything. Criteo is for the challengers. They dissect, debate, and deliberate. They dream big and aim high. They keep their egos at the door and their minds open.

They go, Go, GO. At Criteo, slow is the enemy. They move quickly and innovate constantly to deliver real change.

What they are looking for

Criteo expects you to be in the drivers’ seat. This is your chance to drive your ideas and have the freedom to make them happen. You can also create your own career path by trying new ideas or new roles, whether in another department or on the other side of the world.

Join their R&D team. Do scale and complexity excite you? Look no further. We’re Europe’s biggest Hadoop cluster, with the largest public machine learning dataset of more than 4 billion lines.

Good to know

At Criteo, life is full of contagious energy, hard work, passion and the occasional scooter race. Everything at Criteo is driven by their hunger to succeed and fueled by a little bit of madness. Sure, Criteo has many perks and quirks. But what makes Criteo truly unique is its global community of challengers, go-getters, and innovators.

Criteo connects through playful energy. While they take our work seriously, they love to have fun and laugh along the way. Every office is filled with equal measures of hard work and playfulness. From yoga to rooftop parties, early morning kale smoothies to late night karaoke sessions – we do it all, together.

They are everywhere. From New York to London, Paris to Tokyo, they have a network of over 30 offices across the world. They are a cultural melting pot of more than 80 different nationalities, united by our love for challenges.

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