Backend Engineer TypeScript / NodeJS - Paris

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Paris
  • Possible full remote
  • > 2 years

The company



  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Job Training, SocialTech / GreenTech
  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Backend Engineer TypeScript / NodeJS - Paris

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris


“First adaptive method merging the best of Human Psychology and Machine Intelligence, to allow individuals to become masters of their own work-life destiny”

67% of people are disengaged and unmotivated at work. If you are born in a low-income family, then it will take 4.5 generations to your descendants to reach the mean income in society. Social Elevator is a myth.

Why can’t People take control over their lives today?
People are bad at navigating their own psychological complexity by themselves, dealing with their internal dialogues and dilemmas.
No human, neither people themselves, nor professional counsellors, can embrace the complexity of the world of work.
Can Tech by itself solve this?
No, if machines are excellent at seeing patterns, they are bad at assessing human ambiguity.

Hence the creation of Chance, the first adaptive method merging the best of Human Psychology and Machine Intelligence, to allow individuals to become masters of their own work-life destiny, through an adaptive 8 weeks program, intertwining digital coaching and human video coaching, to allow anyone to have a career aligned with her/his deep motivations, constraints and talents.

Job description

About Chance
Chance thesis is simple: “engagement at work is a necessary condition for performance at work, and performance at work is a necessary condition for social mobility. And engagement is a function of a person’s authentic sense of purpose aligning with rewarding work”.

The product enables a user to participate in a 3 month program during which they experience self-reflection, exploration, and human coaching in order to choose the work that aligns with their aspirations, skills and personal context.

Pioneer of the “PsyTech”, every step of the Chance program is adapted to each individual, thanks to real-time data and behavioural analysis. It designs an individualised program, driving the participant to make a series of informed decisions leading to a more fulfilling career path.

Through auto-coaching, the talent is guided to reflect more deeply about the way they think: who they are, how to make choices, what has meaning, what does not. The talent will then be recommended different career paths that correspond to her aspirations, leading to a methodical exploration phase to make the final choice. Chance accompanies the talent until she actually reaches her new professional objective. Video-coaching sessions complete each step of the program: a professional coach, one-on-one tailor-made sessions, to help gently break down the psychological barriers that may exist and have been identified during the self-reflection phase.

Job description
By the nature of Chance service, we develop a triple-sided marketplace infrastructure to drive the interactions of our Talents (customers), Coaches and internal Customer Success.
The solution is currently web based, providing 3 applications and 2 main backends. We plan to start the move to native applications by the end of the year.
During the last months, we have been validating our business model and the time to scale it has come. For that reason, we are looking for talented engineers able to come up with powerful abstractions to allow the product to support an increasing number of both features and users. As a senior software engineer, your challenges will be broad in scope and will lay the foundations for a system that will provide cutting-edge digital experiences to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.
We value ownership and adaptability. Nothing is someone else’s problem, we act as a team. For that, we made TypeScript our main language to ease the context switch. By the end of your onboarding, you will become owner of crucial pieces of the Chance software.
We value reliability and code quality a lot, we build dead simple and well tested services. This is a core value of our team. We always prefer to be investing a few more hours in reviews and testing rather than chasing bugs on production. We expect you to embrace and contribute to this mindset.

About the team organization
We decided to structure our tech department around full-stack and backend profiles. Our FS engineers are frontend major, backend minor. You will be responsible to drive the main architectural decisions to provide the FS developers the best APIs and patterns for them to contribute efficiently.
To execute our work, we run a 2 weeks homemade framework inspired by SCRUM principles with some adaptations due to the particularity of our business: managing content production and software development.
On a daily basis, you will be working closely with our Product Managers to understand the business needs ; with the Customer Success team to handle issues and provide solutions ; with the engineers to ensure coherence and integration with other codebases.

Our stack
A multi-sided web platform based of the following technologies:

Frontend: Typescript, ReactJS, GraphQL, Styled-components, Storybook
Backend: Typescript, NodeJS/Express, PostgreSQL/TypeORM, GraphQL

Being a developer at Chance means:

  • You work on projects in a way that feels right for the company and team at that moment. We don’t try to force SCRUM or other agile processes where they don’t fit and we constantly challenge how we tackle projects. Bring on the table your way of working.
  • You use an always edge cutting stack. Technologies evolve over time for a good reason. We embrace those changes and adapt them to our business cases. Write TypeScript and do GraphQL requests.
  • You are part of a team that truly cares. Everybody in the company is deeply aligned with our mission and vision and that translates into a unique feeling around everything we do. Be part of this aura.
  • You have real, tangible, impact on people everyday. Every week we receive feedback from people about how impactful the experience has been for them. Your code reaches people deeply in their heart.
  • You work on innovative, world class projects. We are revolutionizing the job market. That requires us to work on problems never solved before. Challenge technology limitations.
  • You work in a quickly growing company. Spending time and effort everyday on a stagnating company is no fun. See how we grow everyday and thrive at the same speed.
  • You are involved in multidisciplinary teams. Due to the nature of our product, it’s fundamental for us to work with domain experts that would never be in a regular product team. Embrace their skills and broaden your knowledge.
  • You are solving different problems every week. We target such a wide market that variety is king in our day to day tasks. Don’t get bored by owning small chunks of a codebase.
  • You are part of an environment that values weekly releases, code quality, guidelines, CI, testing. We ship aggressively, we test things, we iterate. Code is as important as how you write and ship it.
  • You are able to actively participate and challenge product decisions. Everybody is welcome to enrich the product to bring the biggest value to the users. Be a key part of our success.

Your tasks and responsibilities in a nutshell

  • You will implement a recurring payment manager
  • You will set up a notification system
  • You will build a permission management system

What we offer:

  • A very dynamic working environment with a great team spirit
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work whenever you want or full remote work possible
  • We will pay 50% of your transportation cost
  • A permanent contract (French CDI)
  • Parental Act: 1 month fully paid
  • MacBook Pro
  • Your chance to play a decisive role in shaping a company in its rapid growth and to grow and learn from your tasks
  • 30 paid vacation days plus RTTs (Réduction du temps de travail)
  • A creative working environment and short decision-making paths
  • Regular team and company events (e.g. remote games with the team, parties, seminars, offsite/onsites, etc.)
  • 100 percent health insurance (mutuelle)
  • An office location based in the heart of Paris (2nd arrondissement)
  • We are a super international team, English is our work language
  • Consistent learning: e.g. every Friday we have a speaker at Chance University that gives a talk about super interesting topics
  • You will go through our entire 3-months coaching program (in French)
  • As part of our onboarding you will have your personal mentor
  • Regular feedback talks

About Us
Chance was created in San Francisco, after the Nobel Peace prize laureate Muhammad Yunus met with its cofounders Ludovic de Gromard and Clémence Coghlan and is backed up by since its inception. 18 months ago, Chance won Facebook France Start-Up award and moved its headquarters to Paris at Station F, in Facebook incubator, to focus on the French market. Chance’s team is made up of 25 people from 7 different nationalities, and a community of 100 partner coaches. Its new office is in Paris, 2nd arrondissement.
Chance raised a €5.6M Series A in April 2020, led by the british Impact Investing Fund Zulu Group, from Alexander Asseily, founder of Jawbone, along with world-class investors, and the French Ministry of Labour.
With Nobel peace laureate Muhammad Yunus as Honorary Chairman, Chance has gathered renowned public figures in its Scientific committee, such as Robert Dilts, international reference on coaching, and the former French Minister of Education and former President of the International Bureau of Labour, Gilles de Robien. Francoise Gri, former CEO of Manpower France and IBM France sits at Chance Board along with Alexander Asseily.
Chance recently obtained reference by the French government as a service that can be financed directly through the French Personal Training Credits (CPF).
As of today, Chance has served over 8,000 users, 70% of whom were women.

Preferred experience

What we expect from you:

  • Strong alignment with Chance vision and mission
  • You have already worked in a startup environment
  • You have 3 years+ hands-on experience in NodeJS and TypeScript
  • Having faced at least three of the four challenges mentioned above in NodeJS
  • You have practical experiences in GraphQL
  • Strong knowledge in relational databases, especially PostgreSQL
  • Fluent written and spoken English

Recruitment process

Given the current situation with the Corona virus and in order to prevent the virus from further spreading, all our interviews will take place remotely for now. Thank you for your understanding.

Chance has the ambition to become the first social unicorn in history. That’s why we are looking for candidates who are highly driven by social impact, highly motivated and highly skilled.

The full process will include 3-4 interviews for you to get to know the team better.

Meet the Chance team



Backend Engineer TypeScript / NodeJS - Paris

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Paris
  • Possible full remote
  • > 2 years
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