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After graduating with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Corporate Communication from ULB, Laurie joined AppTweak in 2014 as its first full-time employee when the company was at its earliest startup stages.

Laurie began her AppTweak journey as a Content Strategist. Her main responsibility was to build and grow AppTweak’s Inbound Marketing strategy by creating lots of content around App Store Optimization and educating its niche community with actionable insights. Alongside marketing, Laurie rapidly took on the responsibility of the entire customer journey and worked closely with prospects, clients, and partners.

In 2018, Laurie fully relocated from Brussels to San Francisco to launch AppTweak’s US office and boost revenue in the region. Over the years, her role has evolved along with AppTweak’s growth and success. Today, Laurie is Chief Marketing Officer and manages four different teams worldwide: the Marketing team, the Sales team, the Customer Success team, and the ASO Experts team.

Laurie is your go-to if you are into food - and more specifically, food pictures - since she cannot eat a single meal without photographing it.

Olivier Verdin is an entrepreneur through and through. He has launched several successful companies in different fields ranging from human resources to audiovisual arts and education. Driven by an entrepreneurial mindset in everything he does, his executive activities always remain connected to the tech world - one of his great passions, alongside neuroscience.

Olivier is a true businessman and a professor/coach at the Solvay Business School in Brussels. At the same time, he is a business angel and neuropsychologist. On top of this, Olivier is a coffee enthusiast, an avid traveller who loves to discover the four corners of the world, and a chess fan.

Madeleine discovered ASO as part of the User Acquisition team for a mobile game developer that was one of AppTweak’s clients. After recently graduating from a French business school, Madeleine spent some time in Germany and India before looking to join an international company.

Madeleine was most attracted to App Store Optimization (ASO) as she enjoys considering the impact of cultural differences on the way apps are presented in local markets. She was convinced that starting her career at AppTweak was the right decision after meeting people who had joined the team as juniors and had the opportunity to switch roles within the company.

As she began working on keyword optimization analyses, she realized how important it is to speak different languages and has decided to get back into Spanish classes!

Lara is Head of Customer Success at AppTweak. After graduating in Business Engineering from university in Brussels, she joined the AppTweak team in 2017. During her first three years on the team, Lara was able to sell AppTweak to leads, nurture existing clients, and deliver ASO audits & analyses to AppTweak’s biggest clients.

Today, she is very excited to use her experience working with the AppTweak tool as an ASO Expert to help their clients and keep learning in this dynamic environment. She loves food, travel, and IKEA so don’t hesitate to engage her in discussions about one of these three topics!

Alex graduated as a civil engineer with a specialization in computer sciences. He started his career in consulting for banking software but quickly realised that he didn't enjoy the domain.

He first joined a startup that leveraged advanced mathematical models to improve companies’ decision making processes. He worked there as a developer on a team of 5 for three years. He then joined AppTweak soon after its creation to rethink the software architecture and get it ready to scale.

Today, Alex manages AppTweak’s technical team made up of frontend, backend and fullstack developers as well as data scientists. If he's not behind his computer playing with some new or not-so-new tech, you'll find him at an electronic music concert or festival somewhere in Europe.

Apprenez-en plus sur AppTweak


AppTweak est le principal outil d'ASO basé sur la science des données. AppTweak permet aux leaders du mobile - tels qu'Amazon, Jam City, Yelp et Adobe - de développer leurs applications et leurs jeux grâce à des informations exploitables dans une interface simple.

Engagé à développer l'outil d'ASO le plus précis, transparent et facile à utiliser du marché, AppTweak soutient plus de 1 500 développeurs d'applications et éditeurs de jeux dans le monde entier. La plateforme tout-en-un d'AppTweak offre l'ASO Intelligence, l'Ad Intelligence, l'App Intelligence et l'Market Intelligence.

AppTweak a reçu le prix du "Meilleur outil ASO" par la communauté des App Growth Awards et a été reconnue comme la 6e entreprise technologique à la croissance la plus rapide du concours Fast 50 de Deloitte Belgique. Lancée en 2014, AppTweak sert des clients des quatre coins du monde, avec des bureaux à Bruxelles, San Francisco, Tokyo et Bengaluru.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

AppTweak s'est construit sur base de 4 valeurs: learn, play, perform et friendly. AppTweak est à la recherche de personnes motivées, qui aiment apprendre et découvrir de nouvelles choses. De part son domaine d'activité, l'équipe doit continuellement se former, se développer, innover pour rester à la pointe des nouvelles technologies et évolutions. AppTweak cherche dès lors des personnes ayant un réel "Growth Mindset", qui ont non seulement envie d'implémenter leurs apprentissages dans leur boulot quotidien, mais également transmettre et partager leur savoir, leurs expériences en interne.

AppTweak cherche des personnes qui sont autonomes, et qui aiment prendre des responsabilités. L'équipe est à l'écoute de propositions d'améliorations argumentées et ouverts à de nouvelles manières de faire! Ils ne croient pas qu'il y ait une seule bonne manière de procéder. D'ailleurs, "play seriously" fait justement référence à ce concept. Eclate-toi dans ton boulot, et soit force de propositions!

AppTweak cherche des personnes authentiques, qui viennent au boulot "comme elles sont". Ils attachent énormément d'importance à son environnement Friendly. Toutes les personnes chez AppTweak sont accueillantes et serviables, en interne comme en externe. L'équipe croit que favoriser un environnement sain et bienveillant permet de créer les meilleures conditions pour amener la performance, la quatrième valeur d'AppTweak. AppTweak cherche des personnes qui aiment mener les projets au bout, et visent délivrer de la valeur à leurs clients.

Bon à savoir

  • L'équipe aime la nourriture et le "Cake Monday" est quelque chose de très présent chez AppTweak!
  • AppTweak organise mensuellement des Demo Days et des General Meetings. Les Demo Days permettent à chacun de découvrir les nouveautés du produit et les General Meetings informent sur les résultats et l'évolution de la boîte.
  • Annuellement, un teambuilding de trois jours est organisé quelque part en Europe. C'est l'occasion pour tous les collaborateurs du monde entier de se réunir quelque part, et de se rencontrer/se retrouver.

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