Senior Security Engineer


Senior Security Engineer

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • > 5 ans




  • Logiciels, IT / Digital, SaaS / Cloud Services
  • Entre 250 et 2000 salariés

Le poste

Senior Security Engineer

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • > 5 ans

Who are they?

Algolia’s mission is to make every search interaction meaningful and rewarding through developer-friendly and enterprise-grade APIs. They build the leading Search & Discovery API for websites and mobile apps.

Their goal is to help the most innovative companies across most industries to create powerful, relevant and scalable discovery experiences for their users. Their hosted platform reduces the complexity of building and scaling a fast, relevant digital experience and helps teams accelerate development time.

Today, more than 7,500 companies such as, Twitch, Lacoste, Ouest-France, Medium, and Stripe rely on Algolia to manage 65 billion search queries a month.

At Algolia, milliseconds matter !

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Job description

The Algolia Security Team is responsible for ensuring security of our services and infrastructure which provides service to more than 10,000 customers and billions of personal queries over terabytes of data. Running the search service on some of the most exposed websites on the Internet, our environment attracts a large number of adversaries of all kinds.

Security is not something that is later patched on Algolia but has its place in the core. Security and privacy play an important role in the way we design and operate our systems and services. With the growth of Algolia, the Security Team must grow to accompany the creation of more products and services. We're looking for an innovative, motivated and open-minded engineer to join the team and drive security, privacy and compliance forward for the global operations of Algolia.

We’re working in a rewarding environment with an attention to continuous learning and improvement. As the threat space evolves, you'll evolve with it and we'll evolve with you.

The Senior Security Engineer will investigate reported vulnerabilities and flaws, review technical security questions, and help design new ways of improving our security and the security of our customers and users.


  • Perform security assessments of core services and vendors
  • Build tools and automation to enhance the security of our services
  • Manage our public bug bounty program
  • Provide security guidance for the whole organization
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes
  • Support ongoing and new security/compliance initiatives
  • Evaluate and recommend new security technologies
  • Perform incident response


  • 2 to 5+ years of security engineering experience
  • Full professional English proficiency
  • Understanding of internet security issues and the threat landscape
  • Knowledge of Shell scripting and at least one scripting language (Python, Ruby, etc.)
  • Knowledge of low level principles of computers and network components
  • Azure, GCP and/or AWS security training and experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Preference for candidates with experience at our current stage and beyond (over 10,000 customers, $50-200M ARR range, high growth, lots of change and building internal infrastructure).


  • GRIT - Problem-solving and perseverance capability in an ever-changing and growing environment.
  • TRUST - Willingness to trust our co-workers and to take ownership.
  • CANDOR - Ability to receive and give constructive feedback.
  • CARE - Genuine care about other team members, our clients and the decisions we make in the company.
  • HUMILITY - Aptitude for learning from others, putting ego aside.

#LI-Hybrid #LI-Remote


Algolia’s workplace strategy, Hybrid Remote, is designed to harness the power of the opportunities that remote work offers both employees and the company, while also providing an engaging in-office experience for the times when an employee is in an office. Our workplace approach reflects the belief that an employee’s impact, contribution, and output are more important than their physical location.

The majority of employees will be able to choose if, and when, they come into an office on a regular basis. There will be times when our people are asked to come into an office for “moments that matter:” activities like critical planning meetings and team social gatherings. Beyond those events, 80% of our workforce may choose the location from where they work in the country in which they were hired.

We have physical offices in San Francisco, NYC, Atlanta, Paris, London, Austin, and Bucharest.


Algolia prides itself on being a pioneer and market leader offering an AI-powered, API-First Search & Discovery platform that empowers 12,000+ businesses to compose customer experiences at internet scale that predict what their users want with blazing fast search and web browse experience. Algolia powers more than 30 billion search requests a week – four times more than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and DuckDuckGo combined.

Algolia is part of a cadre of innovative new companies that are driving the next generation of software development, creating APIs that make developers’ lives easier; solutions that are better than building from scratch and better than having to tweak monolithic SaaS solutions.

In 2021, the company closed $150 million in series D funding and quadrupled its post-money valuation of $2.25 billion. Being well capitalized enables Algolia to continue to invest in its market leading platform, to better serve its thousands of customers–including Under Armor, Petsmart, Stripe, Gymshark, and Walgreens, to name just a few.

The team is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Paris, London, New York, Austin, Atlanta, and Bucharest. To learn more, visit


We’re looking for talented, passionate people to build the world’s best search & discovery technology. As an ownership-driven company, we seek team members who thrive within an environment based on autonomy and diversity. We're committed to building an inclusive and diverse workplace. We care about each other and the world around us, and embrace talented people regardless of their race, age, ancestry, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, color, veteran status, disability and socioeconomic background.

READY TO APPLY?If you share our values and our enthusiasm for building the world’s best search & discovery technology, we’d love to review your application!



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