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  • CDI 
  • Nantes
  • > 5 ans

Who are they?

Akeneo, leader mondial des solutions de Gestion de l’Expérience Produit (PXM) et de l’Information Produit (PIM), permet aux marques et retailers d’offrir une expérience client convaincante sur tous les canaux de vente, d’améliorer la qualité des données produits et de simplifier la gestion de catalogue.
Leur objectif ? Façonner une catégorie de marché à part entière et élever la gestion de l’expérience produit au même rang que la gestion de l’expérience client.

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Job description

if you nurtured a kind relationship with any strong cloud platform for the last few years (we won't lie, GCP/GKE is our go-to cloud vendor and PHP is our go-to language) and if you're not scared of getting your hands dirty, well then, it's a no-brainer, join us!

👩‍💻🧑‍💻 Description

We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to help make our Akeneo SaaS products resilient, secure, and scalable. The ideal candidate is keen on building foundational components of our products, or building tools with strong coding skills and a deep understanding of how to build and scale SaaS products. At Akeneo, we value a lot:

At Akeneo, we value a lot:

Teamwork | We believe a workplace should be a place where we can learn from one another,

Product Oriented | For us, our product must be about solving problems,

Mentoring | Continuously improve yourself, grow with others, and emulate your team,

Trustworthy | Your team is accountable for finding creative solutions,

Engineering | We do serious business without taking ourselves too seriously.

🧠 What you will do?

At Akeneo, you will:

  • Work on a daily basis as part of a multidisciplinary squad (cloud engineers, developers, product managers & designers) to design, build and bring our products to life,
  • Apply site reliability engineering principles to our cloud services,
  • Foster site reliability engineering culture among the development teams,
  • Optimize our cloud services stability and performance,
  • Implement our cloud services monitoring strategies for incident detection and capacity planning,
  • Have a career progression (diversity of topics and job positions, external and internal training),
  • Play in an international background and goal-driven culture,
  • Enjoy after-work, book club, knowledge sharing sessions, conferences, and team buildings,
  • Share your knowledge and experience with your teammates and learn from them.

Preferred experience

🏅The skills we require

Solid experience in the following technical fields is welcome, we have high expectations on these topics. We are interested in your profile for this position if:

  • you have experience with at-scale containerized workload operation (we use Kubernetes with Helm and Terraform)
  • you have experience planning, implementing, deploying, and operating a cloud service (we use Docker, CircleCi, Terraform, Kubernetes, Helm, and Cloud Run)
  • you have experience monitoring systems, setting up alerts, and related standard operating procedures for incident remediation
  • you have experience developing applications with languages like Go, PHP, Python, Java… (we use Go and PHP/Symfony)

Strong "plus" if you have knowledge in:

  • Traefik and messaging-oriented middleware management
  • MySQL, ElasticSearch or PostgreSQL
  • Serverless (cloud-function, cloud-run)

Additionally, here are some general skills that Akeneo teammates tend to have:

  • you are proactive, autonomous, self-motivated, resourceful, and are eager to have a meaningful impact,
  • you are curious about Software Craftsmanship, Domain Driven Design, and related practices such as Event Storming and won't stop searching until you find the answer,
  • you like to have fun and have a life outside of work,
  • you are comfortable in English (a strong French accent is ok),
  • finally, you learned from your mistakes and you're ready to make new ones with us!!!


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