Senior Frontend Engineer

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Salaire : 55K à 70K €
Début : 01 septembre 2024
Télétravail fréquent
Expérience : > 5 ans
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Have you ever heard about Adobe Premiere ? We develop an in-browser video editing software.

You will join the frontend team, currently made of 4 developers. Your missions:

  • Keep the codebase harmonized. Developer experience is mandatory for efficient development. We spend 20% of everybody’s time tackling technical debt.

  • Design specifications. We expect design notes, architectural propositions and discussions whenever the topic is complex enough to deserve it.

  • Collaborate with other teams. The frontend is not isolated, we expect you to challenge the other teams - backend with API interface contracts, UI/UX with wireframe feedbacks, etc.

Working at Aive, you will join a squad. We are organized in feature teams, made of a pinch of every trade (back/front/qa…).

As a frontend engineer, you are responsible for the quality of the app.

As a squad member, you are responsible for the quality of the product.

We are open to full remote for experienced developers.

Profil recherché

We are open to any background, as long as you know what you are doing. Of course, some previous experience may score some points

  • You are used to work with multiple frontend apps

  • You know typescript, react, redux and graphql

  • You are familiar with videos, codecs, streams, encoders, and ffmpeg

Déroulement des entretiens

We keep is simple

  • One call with the recruiting member (anyone in the team), to pitch the company and introduce everything

  • One technical interview with senior members

  • A final interview with our CPTO and founder

  • An offer

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