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    Chief of Staff to the CTO

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    360Learning est une solution de Collaborative Learning utilisée par 1 200 clients en France et dans le monde, dont LVMH, AXA, Lego et Criteo. Créée par Nicolas Hernandez, Guillaume Alary-Raisonnier et Sébastien Mignot, 360Learning a levé plus de 50 millions de dollars depuis sa fondation en 2013 et emploie actuellement 150 salariés répartis entre ses bureaux de New York, Londres et Paris.

    Grâce à leur solution de Collaborative Learning, les équipes opérationnelles peuvent facilement créer des contenus de formation, les suivre et engager leurs apprenants au sein-même des modules, fournissant ainsi un feedback continu aux créateurs des cours. Grâce à leurs fonctionnalités analytics, les équipes pédagogiques et le management peuvent mesurer les taux de complétion, identifiant ainsi les pistes d’amélioration pour répondre toujours mieux aux besoins des employés. En permettant la détection, l’activation et la valorisation des 5% d’employés aptes à partager leurs savoir-faire, 360Learning transforme les entreprises en organisations apprenantes.

    C’est en mettant la formation continue au coeur de nos façons de faire que 360Learning a créé Convexity, une nouvelle structure organisationnelle où chaque employé peut avoir, par définition, un impact exponentiel. Ils croient à l’empowerment total, où chacun possède une autonomie pleine et entière sur un scope clairement défini aux objectifs quantifiables, remplaçant ainsi l’autorité par la responsabilité individuelle. En créant des interfaces et des processus clairs, Convexity encourage un mode de travail flexible, où chacun choisit où, quand et comment il souhaite travailler.

    Job description

    We are looking for a Chief of Staff to join a fast growing Tech team of 40+ people divided into 4 departments and 10 product squads.

    In this role, you will report directly to the CTO to ensure everyone understands what the Engineering team is working on, what the expected business results are; and make sure the Engineering team is accountable for these results. As a highly influential member of the organization, you will :

    Provide visibility and alignment at company’s level: Summarize Engineering performance for the Board. Ensure every 360Learner knows what the R&D is and doing and what are the impacts. Be the contact point for cross-department collaboration. Make sure our Engineering principles, strategy & culture are well formalized, both for internal alignment and for external marketing purposes.

    Assume everyone's delivery and accountability: Ensure the ETAs on the roadmap are clear, the DRIs are identified, the delays and deprioritization are communicated early and clearly. Ensure this makes DRIs both empowered on their scope and pushed to make bold and ambitious decisions leading to great impact. Measure Engineering and connected teams performance.

    Scale our tools, practices and processes: Benchmark other SaaS Tech/Engineering organizations, tools, processes. Leverage all existing knowledge (articles, podcasts, books) to get new ideas and improve our performance. Lead process changes in the Engineering team, mostly when it requires coordination or change-management in other teams (Support, Solution Architects, CST…)

    Within 1 month you will :

  • Discover the 360Learning platform
  • Discover 360Learning’s business and teams
  • Learn our methodologies, work practices, culture
  • Within 3 months you will :

  • Create and update the Engineering roadmap deck, the Board Engineering’s slides, the Executive committee’s slides
  • Receive and analyze the other departments’ collaboration needs. Then, once we agree on a resulting project...
  • Within 6 months, you will:

  • Analyze Engineering’s KPIs to detect potential improvements
  • Benchmark SaaS best practices and building a strong SaaS network
  • Implement new processes & tools to increase focus and productivity
  • Within 12 months, you will:

  • Drive key Engineering transformation projects with multiple stakeholders across the company, and providing full visibility on these projects
  • Align Engineering priorities with the company's strategic objectives and business plan
  • The Skills Set :

  • You have 8+ years of experience during which you have interacted with impactful engineering teams, set strategy, and experienced technical organizations scaling
  • You have significant cross-functional project leadership experience, working with multiple stakeholders across departments
  • You are comfortable working with executives and senior leaders
  • You have a structured approach to decision-making, with a strong inclination towards action, speed and impact
  • You are a true leader who is skilled at driving accountability
  • You are a high-level thinker, but also detail-oriented when executing on projects
  • You graduated from a top engineering school
  • You have strong oral and written communication both in French and in English 
  • You show enthusiasm for our culture explained here: Convexity
  • What we offer :

  • Compensation. Competitive package (including a variable component and equity)
  • Benefits/Perks. RTT, luncheon vouchers, 50% off on the transport subscription, Gymlib access, health insurance (Alan), generous parental leave policy. Level up your skills with our very own platform. Network with team members from around the world. 
  • Balance. We are remote-friendly and promote flexible work hours.
  • Culture. Be a part of a global team. We are powered through our culture called Convexity (ask us about it)! Make an impact in a high autonomy, low authority and highly nimble environment.
  • Interview process :

  • Call with our Tech Recruiter
  • Discovery Meeting with our CTO
  • Live Case study with our CTO and our Director of Operations
  • Meeting with our Product, Ops and R&D teams
  • Culture Fit Meeting with our Engineering Manager
  • Meeting with our CEO
  • Final chat with our CTO
  • Reference checks 
  • Offer!
  • Meet the team

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