Webnode is a company from Brno that develops its own product, which fundamentally simplifies the creation of websites and online stores. More than 40 million people across the globe have already used it to create their websites. At Webnode, they do not care for formalities, neckties, or suits. All 120 employees, including 25 developers, can still fit inside a single building where all the decisions are made.

Who Are They Looking For

They are searching for resourceful people who like to learn, do not shy away from a challenge, and have a sense of humor. The desire to push things forward and improve oneself is of the utmost importance, regardless of the area of expertise. The company pays half of the amount for driving, diving, or piano lessons and much more. They also offer several internal language courses. You can train your newly acquired skills with colleagues from all over the world, from Sweden to Brazil.

Good To Know

  • They develop their own product and deploy it several times a week. Therefore, all developers can see their work in production.
  • The company has flexible working hours adaptable both to early birds and night owls.
  • From May till the end of September, they exercise in the garden under the supervision of instructors from BigOne Fitness.
  • Webnode pays half for every course, whether you like playing guitar, photography, or brewing beer.
  • Birthdays are considered a public holiday, so everyone can celebrate theirs on their own terms. They will be happy to tell you a lot more in person.

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