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Past and future

Their story

Their story

Originally, Wave is following a practice that Adri (our CEO and founder of the company) has been designing, running the equivalent of thousands of hours of coaching with hundreds of startup CEOs and executives around the world. This practice has been progressively engineered and fine-tuned so it can now rely on a collective, all in the service of Wave, the coaching entity, since 2021. We are just at the start of our journey but are out to democratize the coaching world.

Their vision

In 2021 there are 3 billion active workers in the world. We believe 100% of them are coachable and would benefit from it. But only 0.01% are actually coached today. We believe there is a new form of coaching that could make high-end coaching accessible to all. This approach is based on our belief that everyone should be able to ride the life they want, whatever happens. To help 1 billion people do just that, we have created Wave, the Infinite Coach. Wave is the first virtual coach that has infinite experience, knowledge, and availability. That’s how Wave helps professionals who are eager to grow infinitely at work and in life.

Our vision is clear and ambitious. Though we remain pragmatic in our execution we know Rome wasn't built in a day.

We are and will always be focusing on quality and on the impact we have for our clients. We deliver to our standards and keep perfecting the approach.

Their vision

Company values

We’re here to Ride the Wave. Here are the underlying core values that drive the company and our talents. As a talent, this is what you can expect from your peers and this is what they will expect from you.

Ride BIG

Before going to the water, watch things globally: take perspective and think long-term.

To keep sight of meaningful Horizons :

  • Use your brain and your heart equally
  • Value each other opinions and feedback
  • Embrace diversity and respect differences
  • Never ever compromise on ethics
  • Visualise before moving, plan before acting And, at the end, focus on what truly matters. At work. In life.

Watch the Horizon

We expect everyone here to be focused, bold, and resilient.

  • Be ambitious, for yourself, for your team, and for Wave.
  • Don’t give up. Go back in the water, again and again until you reach your objective. Just go for it.
  • Simplify your ride: cut unnecessary moves, focus on the essential and take sharp decisions.
  • Give and take feedback, all of them, to keep on progressing. That’s the way to make the next ride more powerful.

Kiffing Together

We ride together : one is nothing without the others

  • We are one team: we win together and we fall together
  • Let’s have fun together: be positive, enthusiastic, generous and genuine
  • Please make jokes: smile and laugh without restraint
  • Support other talents and rely on them, especially when things get hard: take your own responsibilities but always think and act globally

Never forget that we ride as a team, that we spend a lot of time together, and that everyone here wants to enjoy the ride.