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Be Well & Take Care

Having a Healthy, Caring & Simple environment is essential to us and has been since the very beginning.

Taking care of yourself and of each other is what makes us a strong, united and performing team.

How we promote a healthy environment:

  • Flexible Remote work: At Toucan, the Remote work policy has always been very flexible and based on trust. Our employees do on average 1 to 3 days remote per week, without having to ask for permission, or organise a schedule with their manager.
  • We trust You to perform: Therefore we trust you to organize your work schedule, your working hours and to prioritize your tasks. We put strong efforts in our recruitment process in view to hire Autonomous, Success Driven & Curious individuals. We trust you to put yourself in a trajectory of success and achieve your goal, without having to impose strict working hours and micro management.

  • Nap room on site: Feeling tired ? Need a power nap to reboot ? Well, at Toucan you are a nap room at your disposal. No need to hide to take an uncomfortable nap on your desk anymore!

Our principle: As long as you respect your team & clients, by being trustworthy & reliable, we trust you to decide where it is the most convenient for you to work in view to perform best.



Each Quarter, we all gather to discuss our achievements, and define new goals for the following quarter.

This allow us to share successes, failures, and keep growing and learning together!

Toucan Toco

Weekly Team

Each team gather for a 30 minutes weekly retrospective in view to share key informations, successes, struggles, or insight


Weekend Tokars

Twice a year we organise a weekend Getaway for the all team, usually in the Countryside

The Goal: Recharge our batteries, share important informations with everyone, and have fun !

Toucan Toco
Toucan Toco

Art & Music Budget

Each Tokar has at their disposal a budget of 200 euros in view to bring life & spirit to our office. Some of us decided to spend it on art, others on music equipment. We’ve recently acquired a piano & 2 guitares !

Toucan Toco

Friday Talks

You can take the initiative of doing a 30-45 min talk on Fridays to share a passion or bring in someone who inspires you!

Toucan Toco

Yogi Yoga

Our employees are free to set up their own initiatives & projects.

Julie from Accounting is running Yoga classes every Tuesday for example !

Toucan Toco


Their Mission: They make Analytics that business people actually use.

Powerful analytics don't have to be complex and frustrating. Toucan is Guided Analytics for Business users who need to make every day decisions and drive adoption, collaboration, & context from their data.— no PhD required.

From 4 associates to more than 115 collaborators in 6 years, they are self financed until 2019 thanks to more dans 150 key accounts such as Renault, DC Power, Crédit Agricole, Verified Market Research, Elior, Icade, RATP, Nexity, French Ministry of Economy, Marques Avenue, Euler Hermes, Vision Web,...

On the agenda :

  • A welcoming, healthy and caring culture
  • Values defined together including "each one teach one": They are all in turn learner and teacher.
  • An exciting software product to create, install, market or sell
  • A fast-growing organization, where you grow fast!

What they are looking for

They are looking for people who are curious, passionate about the web, and result driven!

Pedagogy is one of the keys to Toucan Toco's success. It has even become one of their "Each One Teach One" values. They want to discover new nuggets to join this great adventure.

Optimism, passion and joy of life, simple words but full of truth at Toucan Toco!

Good to know

The team is ambitious, works in a healthy and simple atmosphere, conducive to fulfillment. Here are the secrets of their success:

  • Challenging and fair framework
  • Values defined together : Such as "Be Well & Take Care".
  • Weekly Yoga
  • Weekends in the countryside

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