SaaS/Servicios en la nube, Software, Turismo

Brussels, New York, Paris


Founded by a team of experienced SaaS founders and hospitality executives, Thynk is on a mission to revolutionize the 2T$ hospitality industry and become a new vertical SaaS giant. Their ambition is fuelled by a fantastic product built on top of the Salesforce platform and a spot on time to market.

They have raised a 13M$ Series A from high-profile VCs (NY+EU) to scale their operations and expand to the US. 

Their customers are all over the world and so are they, with team members from 23 nationalities, based on 4 continents and 6 time zones - building a strong common culture while respecting the individual constraints of everyone in their remote-first environment.

What they are looking for

On the path to Serie B, they are looking for individuals who will make a significant impact and influence the company's direction by delivering an exceptional customer experience. This requires a strong focus on listening and understanding the problem at hand.

As a fully remote organisation, they are fully committed to fostering transparent communication within teams to create a sense of belonging and proactively address any potential issues.

As experts in the hospitality industry, they require talented individuals who can think outside the box, challenge the status quo, over process, over documentation, and maintain a high level of professionalism. This will ensure the company is prepared for growth and can onboard more junior resources.

Good to know

What you need to know Thynk : 

  • 250+ combined years of experience in the hospitality industry
  • 3/6 women in the executive board
  • 23 countries across 4 continents
  • No headquarter, no offices
  • Fully remote and international organisation
  • Teams rituals : One “All-hands meeting” once a month gathering all the team for company updates and one “Get Together” event once a year, most of the time, in a European capital

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