Lumen (formerly Streamroot)

Lumen (formerly Streamroot)

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Our culture is built around our values and five unifying principles:

  • Fairness

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Commitment to Excellence

  • Positive attitude

  • Respect

Our vision - What we want to achieve

Our team strives to be a world-leading technology provider that enables enterprises to power the 4th industrial revolution. Lumen Application Delivery’s goal is to solidify its leading position as one of the top three content delivery providers in the world, striving for best-in-class performance, reliability and innovation. Our team is a driving force for this innovation in both the products it develops and in our ways of working

Our Mission – What we do

Lumen is building the fastest and most secure platform for application and data to help businesses, governments and communities deliver amazing digital experiences.

Lumen Application Delivery delivers, enhances and secures content in the most reliable, scalable and secure way across the world for the largest and most demanding media customers, as well as businesses of all sizes across industries.

Our teams further this goal by developing innovative complementary client-side technologies designed to scale to billions of users across the globe.

Our values

Go the extra mile

We believe in doing our job as best we can and going beyond our and others’ expectations. We didn’t get here by being average and we cannot maintain a leading position without striving to be the best. Whether fostering better communication in your team, spending extra time to get an additional metric for a customer report, or helping a client debug an issue unrelated to our products, we go beyond the call of duty.

Go the extra mile
Try, (Fail), Learn, Improve

Try, (Fail), Learn, Improve

Failure is a key to our success. When we started, we knew nothing about P2P, video delivery, or CDNs. In less than two years, we have become renowned experts in the industry with the best technology on the market. We have made many mistakes in the process but have taken the risk to put ourselves out there, learn from each misstep and come out stronger each time.

Embrace feedback

Open feedback is a key to learning and improving oneself, one’s team, our product, and the company as a whole. Feedback can be one-on-one, in a group retrospective, between a lead and a team member, or even between teams. No one should consider themselves above feedback - managers and executives included - as everyone can bring new and valuable perspective. Feedback should be given and received honestly without fear, ego or personal offense. It is an opportunity for us to grow.

Open communication is fundamental to effective feedback. It is each of our responsibility to encourage information sharing within the company, and to create an environment of respect and understanding so that everyone feels comfortable talking about any subject.

Embrace feedback
Alone you go faster; together we go further!

Alone you go faster; together we go further!

You may be the smartest, most talented, or most experienced person in the room, but you will never go as far as a team working together. Our greatest successes are achieved through teamwork, and everyone has something to bring to the table. We work every day to nurture the potential of each team member and constantly improve the way we work together.

We all have common goals, so let’s work together to achieve them!


You can achieve great things and still have fun. Before starting Streamroot, the founders were friends in college and have tried to promote an atmosphere and ways of working together as more than just colleagues. The best teams are those with great chemistry, and that’s why we do organize a lot of team building activities. The team also enjoys gathering spontaneously for after works, sports sessions, movie nights, festivals.

We also try to bring a little of our dynamism and laid-back atmosphere to a pretty serious industry. We’re simple, honest and respectful to our customers, partners and competitors - and are the first to invite everyone for a beer at the end of the day!



Diversity is a well-known principle, but as part of an international team inside an international company, it has a special meaning to us. Diversity is about inclusion – welcoming different opinions, diverse backgrounds and points of view. It is also about embracing new ideas and creating a culture that fosters innovation by valuing those differences. Our customers are from all over the world, and having diverse representation in our team helps us serve them better.


The Application and Content Delivery arm of Lumen Technologies, we build powerful solutions to deliver, secure and optimize the online experience. Our global content delivery network, programmable edge, multi-layer application security and video acquisition & processing technologies are designed to help the largest media companies, game developers, e-commerce sites and businesses across the globe to grow their businesses with differentiated online experiences. If you have browsed a website, streamed video or played a video game in the past month, chances are you’ve used our services without even knowing it!

Within the larger Lumen organization, the Application and Content Delivery team is made up of 200 professionals working across the world. R&D for our device-side delivery products is based in Paris, with 45 engineers, product managers and data scientists dedicated to developing the next generation of video delivery technologies. We work closely with network engineers In Los Angeles and Denver, as well as the product management, sales and marketing professionals spread over cities such as New York, London, and Singapore. A truly global team!

To join our diverse and dynamic team, check out our job offers at

What they are looking for

The Lumen team is looking for passionate people who are committed to excellence and strive to improve at every opportunity. Autonomy, proactivity and the ability to challenge one’s assumptions are highly appreciated.

For them, rigor and excellence naturally go hand in hand with a healthy dose of humor. The office atmosphere is relaxed and promotes community. We value positive energy and the "fit" of the candidate is therefore very important.

Of course, experience in the sector and in their stack is always a plus.

Good to know

13 nationalities in our Paris office alone! Brand new offices in the 1st arrondissement.

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