Before settling up in the ever-moving and quick-paced start-up ecosystem, Pierre started up in a business school. When he was 19, he worked first as a real estate agent, selling houses and flats. A few years later, through hard work and good decisions, the real estate agency became a real estate agent network, counting 10 times more agents working remotely.

Excited by entrepreneurship, Pierre decided to go back to school to learn web development to be able to create his own products. For that reason, he joined HETIC, a french web school, where he met Aurélien and Jim. Working as well as a freelance developer for several companies, including and Zalando, he has been first struggling using traditional CMS.

This was the reason why Pierre, Aurélien, and Jim decided to create Strapi and to make it open-source and available to anyone. Today, Pierre is the CEO of Strapi and defines vision and development. When he’s not busy recruiting, making sure everyone is feeling good at work and impulsing momentum to the team, you can sometimes see him fly by on his windsurf board.

Jim, co-founder and CTO is part of the Strapi adventure from the start. Before moving to Paris to study, he did a Technical University in Services and Communication networks in the south of France. In Paris, he pursued a Master’s degree in a school where he learned all aspects of developing a product from marketing, communication, and design to development and business. He specialized in technical development.

In parallel to this degree, he worked as a freelancer for clients to develop mostly small applications/products to match their day to day needs. He also had the opportunity to teach development for people in professional reconversion.

Jim launched Strapi with Aurélien and Pierre and was at first full-stack developer, then backend developer. Today, Jim manages the Developer Experience department. His goal is to build the developers’ happiness and to make sure no user stays without relevant answers, guides or documentation to make their Strapi experience enjoyable. When he’s not working, he’s climbing walls and cliffs or plays the guitar.

Alex is not your typical lead backend developer: the dark side of the web has no secrets for him. His scope includes managing all the design and architecture of backend-related developments for Strapi. But he’s also looking for improvements, ideas, and twists to make the developers’ experience better with Strapi. He is always taking time to talk with community members to get feedback and has a developer’s oriented vision to come up with efficient solutions to tackle their business challenges.

Before Strapi, he started up studying in an electronic and computer science school and quickly became lead tech in his previous job experiences. Outside of work, he’s also passionate about cooking, bakes delicious desserts, and loves to learn new things about science and space. And he’s never far from his Rubik’s Cube.

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In the digital age, content rules. Production and distribution have shifted from the few to the many. We have all become the media, the media has been marginalized and brands are now broadcasters. Everyone has a story to tell or something to sell. A need to create and connect, post and publish, showcase and share.

So, say hello to Strapi! We exist to fuel the world’s creativity and productivity 
by unleashing the power of content. So we've built the next generation CMS that does exactly that. Across the full lifecycle and the entire stack. It’s open-source. Javascript. Headless. Community first. And free. And will stay that way. Forever.

What they are looking for

We’re on a mission to empower the community 
to build a million new projects.

The principles we believe in and live by are:

  • Stay humble, yet hungry.
  • Preserve, trust, pursue autonomy.
  • Keep daring, sharing and caring.
  • Aim for exceptional.

If they resonate with you, join us on our mission.

Good to know

They offer:

  • A friendly and comfortable work environment: new offices in the very city center, video games, baby-foot, kitchen, chill room...
  • A remote-friendly work organization,
  • Fruit baskets, free tea and coffee for nibbles,
  • Offsites twice a year.

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