Reveal believes in the power of B2B collaboration so much so that we named our SaaS category after it - Collaborative Growth. As the first-ever Collaborative Growth Platform, we believe that joining forces makes us stronger, in business just as much as in everything else.

Launched in 2019, Reveal’s mission is to put technology at the center of collaboration between companies. By comparing CRM data from both sides, Reveal identifies common, high-potential accounts and new qualified leads.

Since 2019 we’ve created a community of 4,000 companies, 6,000 partnerships, and 8,000 community members from the United States, across Europe, and France. Supported by leading VCs (Localglobe, Ventech, Kima) and the best business angels (Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet), Reveal’s goal is to convert all revenue builders into believers of Collaborative Growth.

What they are looking for

Reveal is looking for diverse and global talent wishing to join a very ambitious project at its beginnings and to contribute to the construction of the base which will allow them to grow quickly.

If you are creative, collaborative, have the spirit of initiative and want to have an impact on a daily basis, Reveal is for you.

Good to know

Reveal is composed of a rapidly growing and diverse group of individuals. Several members of the team have already built together (and sold) a first start-up. Our team members originate from around the world include, but not limited to: United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Morocco, and France.

The leadership of Reveal understands that building a diverse, talented, friendly and ambitious team is the key to success which is why we have a “Recruitment without Borders” to expand our remote-friendly team.

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