A software engineer for over 15 years, he enjoys building tools for developers and creating resources that help ensure their success. He co-founded Orbit to help companies win the hearts and minds of developers. Previously, he was the Developer Relations Lead at Algolia, the VP Engineering at Keen IO and a principal engineer at Disney. He enjoys yoga, cycling, and bright colors.

A full-stack developer for 6 years, Nicolas also organizes several events in the French tech scene, like the Jamstack Paris meetup and the WeLoveSpeed conference. As a former Web Performace Evangelist, he has given a dozen talks, both in France and abroad, about topics such as web performance, the React ecosystem, and the Jamstack. While he’s from southern France, he lost his accent when moving to Paris—although it comes back when phoning home, to the delight of his partner.


Orbit's mission is to unlock the power of communities through the Orbit Model, technology, and data. Our community experience platform helps companies identify, measure, and boost their community members’ engagement, all while focusing on creating value instead of merely capturing it. We are a remote-first, fully distributed company backed by the incredible investors at a16z, Coatue, and Heavybit. We are post-series A and have over 3,000 community teams using our platform as of January 2022.

What they are looking for

They’re looking for talents who are passionate about engaging with the community, and excited about helping businesses do so on an even larger scale. They strongly believe that empathy, a love for product, and open and honest communication is key to the success of a business, and more importantly of its employees.

Diversity and inclusion is critical to how they are building the company and how they think about the world. They strongly encourage candidates from under-represented groups to apply. They actively try to identify and mitigate the cognitive biases they know that they suffer from as human beings.

Good to know

They have completed their series A funding and are on a high-growth path, with 40 employees as of March 2022. Their company is distributed with team members today in France, UK, and USA. All roles are remote-first. They value candor, kindness, diversity, persistence, and curiosity. They think space puns are out of this world.

At Orbit, they talk a lot about value capture versus value creation, with the goal being to encourage the latter. Patrick created the podcast Developer Love, to unpack how to build successful developer communities.

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