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Odaseva's story began when one of Salesforce's largest customers came to Sovan Bin with a problem. They needed to best protect and manage their Salesforce data, and asked him to design a solution.

Ten years later, that innovation became the Odaseva platform, enabling large enterprises to manage all their Salesforce data, giving them the tools to protect it, keep it compliant, and distribute it easily. 

What they are looking for

Are you looking for a unique experience through exchanges, methods, work environment? Do you want to work on complex projects in terms of technology and organization?

Odaseva is first and foremost a family of passionate, "good & smart people" who are building the data governance of tomorrow.

Learning, sharing, evolving, are the pillars that each employee develops in his daily life. The most important thing is to be enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic and share the taste for challenge and innovation.

Good to know

When you join Odaseva, you’ll work alongside some of the most accomplished people in the Salesforce ecosystem, helping leading global companies manage a mission-critical asset: their data. Odaseva offers an inclusive, collaborative, work environment where talented people innovate and grow. We have openings in our Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and London offices, as well as remote work opportunities across the world. 

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