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Sid is a cognitive neuroscientist working on neural signature of cognitive processing. His work relies on psychophysics and brain imaging for researching neural signatures of conscious and unconscious mental states in the human brain. In 2017, He founded NextMind to build the next generation of brain computer interfaces.

Graduated from Supelec Paris (2013), Guillaume quickly became passionate about neuroscience. He joined Sid Kouider lab at its creation, and now as a CTO, he oversees the hardware and software aspects of the device.

Maxence grew his passion for neuroscience from the first conference of Emotiv in 2009. After working a few years as a data engineer in an adtech company, Maxence embraced the field by joining Nextmind, where he now intervenes on core algorithms and cloud computing aspects.

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NextMind is a fast-growing tech startup that has developed a first-of-its-kind, brain-sensing wearable delivering real-time device control using just a person's thoughts. NextMind's groundbreaking technology translates brain signals from the visual cortex into digital commands in real time, enabling easier interaction and control of computers, AR/VR headsets or any device.

The spin-off from a leading cognitive neuroscience lab, brings years of academic research and innovation into a simple and easy to use product. It was founded by Sid Kouider, a professor of neuroscience who has been leading research and innovative discoveries in cognitive neuroscience, with several patents and 50+ publications (Science, Nature, Journal of Neuroscience, etc)

NextMind secured funding from Nordic Makers, SISU Game Ventures, and from notable tech leaders like David Helgason, founder & former CEO of Unity 3D game engine, and Sune Alstrup Johansen, co-founder & former CEO of The Eye Tribe (acquired by Oculus/Facebook), and is now looking to expand its team.

What they are looking for

NextMind is always on the lookout for creative and innovative spirits to join its team. From R&D to business profiles, the startup is constantly looking for new talents eager to be involved in an ambitious AI and brain research related projects.

Good to know

  1. Positivity
  2. Excellence
  3. Creativity
  4. Perseverance

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