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Our 5 values



”I joined Mirakl in 2013 as developer right after graduation. Today, I am a Lead Developer at Mirakl and in charge of conception and development of new features for the platform, as well as managing a team of developers. We take particular pride in the quality, performance and reliability of the code. The ability to innovate is an important part of the job, as it enables us to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations. Like every other Mirakl developer, I work on every step of development, from functional specifications to go-live, and everything in between. Mirakl is a people-centric company organized around the R&D team and we work with agile methods, which requires strong implications by all our developers and creates a great team spirit and makes for a warm working environment.”

Nelson, Senior Engineering Manager


“Implementing a marketplace has had a strong impact on our clients’ business model and it’s essential to bring them real business support, as it’s the primary goal behind the launch of the Client Success department in 2014. The Client Success Team is constantly growing and has already shown its positive impact on the performance of Mirakl’s customers. To me, “Satisfy and Empower Clients” means we should be attentive to our clients and understand their objectives but also challenge them in constructive ways. We work with them closely to define ambitious objectives and make sure they adopt this new model in their organization. In 2019, our customers exceeded $1,5 B GMV on Mirakl Platforms and the biggest companies in the world recognized us as “The Marketplace Expert”.

Jane, Head of Business Consulting



“To me, getting things done sometimes means using unconventional, creative methods to achieve objectives. With the support of my team, I introduced a new initiative where each individual at Mirakl could contribute to our success by leveraging their network, and getting rewarded for it .... We found a creative solution to inform, incentivize and engage our colleagues across the company. I appreciate that Mirakl is supportive of individuals’ contributions and doesn’t hesitate to invest in our ideas.”

Dimitri, Business Developer Marketplace


As a Mirakl Labs member I think the “Work Hard Together” value has the most significance and relevance on a day to day basis. There is not a single project that could have ever been developed and deployed without teamwork. Achieving success involves the knowledge and “savoir-faire” of a multi-skilled team, and every member is an instrumental link in the chain. All successes as well as failures are never individual.

Working together also means sharing and if you ever find yourself struggling on a subject, you can be assured that you’ll find help and support from another Labs member. I often hear from my peers that Labs team spirit is what makes them want to get out of bed in the morning. Today, as a “feature team” lead developer, my role and my goal is to empower my team with this “together” spirit by providing cohesion and guidance.”

Ophélie,Senior Engineering Manager



“Going above and beyond is a value we extracted from an early saying we used during Mirakl’s first years: "We never say it's not my job".

Growing a company like Mirakl requires that we all help each other regardless of the scope of the task. As an example, if you're an engineer working on the product, you can end up doing a demo for a prospect or helping the payroll team by automating some of their work. It's all about versatility, not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone and having an impact while doing it.”

*Nagi, VP Engineering


Mirakl is leading the platform revolution that is successfully changing the e-commerce landscape. As a leader in marketplace software, Mirakl provides the technology and partner ecosystem needed to launch a marketplace, allowing B2B and B2C clients to accelerate their ecommerce growth by offering more products and services, following Amazon’s model.

A Glimpse of Mirakl: · Founded in 2012 in France (French Tech Certified) · 600 employees and offices in Paris, Bordeaux, London, Munich, Barcelona, Boston, Chicago, New York City and Sydney. · More than 300 B2B and B2C clients globally (Galeries Lafayette, Nature & Découvertes, Best Buy, Carrefour, Accor Hotels, Siemens, Hewlett Packard Enterprise etc.) · Mirakl has raised a total of $948M through five rounds of funding

What characterizes Mirakl? A fascinating platform that is shaping the e-commerce future, and a strong drive to create and bring value to our partners.

As a result of our innovative technology, Mirakl is part of the Next40 index (most promising tech companies in France) and the French Tech community!

What they are looking for

Working at Mirakl will give you the opportunity to accelerate your career while working alongside ambitious and passionate people. Agility, an innovative-spirit, and the ability to make-decisions are all important traits that Mirakl employees demonstrate daily.

Mirakl is looking to hire talented individuals who possess our core values: Work Hard Together, Get Things Done, Go Above & Beyond, Succeed Through Expertise, Satisfy & Empower Clients.

To support Mirakl’s rapid growth, all of our teams are looking to hire their future colleagues! These teams include Tech, Sales, Client Success, Solution Consulting, Marketing & Business Operations.

Good to know

  • Small teams, collaboration, and a shared vision
  • Modern offices in Paris, Bordeaux, London, Barcelona, Boston, Munich
  • A great onboarding and training program for all new-hires
  • A strong work culture that promotes well-being and balance. A few examples of our exciting perks are breakfasts, yoga classes, foosball tournaments, afterwork aperos, and team-building activities

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