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Salario: 55K a 70K €
Totalmente remoto
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At Hublo, we believe in the power of technology to transform the healthcare sector. We envision a world where healthcare facilities are not just buildings, but thriving environments that inspire and support our healthcare professionals. To achieve this vision, we must first address the pressing need for healthcare facilities to recruit and maintain adequate staffing levels.

This is why Hublo developed a digital platform dedicated to them, now deployed in 4000+ healthcare facilities and used by 1 000 000+ healthcare professionals. At the end of 2021, Hublo raised 22M€ to become the leading HR SaaS solution for healthcare in Europe.

From +2000 team members today in Paris, the Hublo team keeps on growing. Want to help us improving the healthcare system? Apply today!

You are joining the squad in charge of the Interoperability & Product Data subjects.

This squad has two main focuses:

  • Create solution in view to provide better interface between Hublo and other tools & services used by our customers, in order to improve their user experience and make their life easier.

  • Deliver data products and insight to leverage all the data we have in order to help our customers better understand and operate their replacement & hiring strategy.

Your role :

As a seasoned Data Engineer, you bring your knowledge of data processing to help the squad build the relevant data stack in order to reach its goals with the right service level.
You often communicate with our partners, in view to facilitate integrations. For this purpose, you are good at documenting your work and navigating technical documentation.

How you’ll make an impact

  • Architect and optimize: Craft robust data pipelines that ensure the timely and accurate availability of crucial data.

  • Data quality: Implement rigorous data quality checks to reduce data discrepancies and enhance decision-making reliability.

  • Scalability: Scale our data infrastructure to handle our growth as we expand our presence to 5,000+ healthcare facilities.

  • Innovative solutions: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to introduce cutting-edge data technologies that have a real-world impact for our users.

  • Team player: Foster a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship within the interoperability squad and throughout Hublo.

The experience we offer

  • 🎯 Impact-first mission: our focus on the healthcare sector offers a purpose-driven career.

  • 💶 Competitive compensation: a salary package ranging from 55K€ to 70K€ per year based on your experience.

  • 👣 Professional growth: a dynamic, human-scale structure that values initiative and dedication.

  • 🌱 Responsible work environment: we are B-Corp certified, acknowledging our commitment to continuously grow and improve as an environmentally and socially responsible company.

  • 🗼 Dynamic locations: our vibrant office on Rue de Paradis provides an inspiring setting. You’ll also have a unique opportunity to work in our Cologne office in Germany.

  • 🏡 Hybrid work policy: flexible work arrangement—up to 10 remote days a month, or full remote.

  • 🤲 Strong onboarding: a comprehensive program, guiding you through your initial weeks at Hublo.

  • 💪 Team cohesion: build strong connections with colleagues through regular team events and an annual seminar, ensuring a connected and collaborative work environment.

We also care about your well-being with tangible perks:

  • ⛑️ Alan healthcare insurance: online insurance, 50% of it paid by Hublo

  • 🥗 A Swile Card: Providing you with access to €11/day in meal vouchers, 50% covered by the company 🍱

  • 🏋️‍♂️ Access to a variety of sports activities through our partner Gymlib🤸🏼🏋🏻

  • 🚲 A Forfait Mobilités Durables: giving access to €520/annual for your bike, your navigo/veligo/velib’s subscription, etc.


  • Preferred Experience/Background: Proven track record in data engineering roles, with 4+ years of experience in designing, building, and maintaining data pipelines.

  • Most Important Hard Skill: Proficiency in Python and experience with Apache Airflow, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake are important.

  • Most Important Soft Skill: Exceptional problem-solving skills, with a knack for thinking creatively to overcome data engineering challenges.

Proceso de selección

  • HR screen with Gabrielle - Talent Acquisition (30 min - visio)

  • Manager Interview with Anto Dominic Paul - Engineering Manager (1h - visio or in the office)

  • Skills Test: Coding & Data Architecture test (1h) (visio)

  • Cultural Fit: Geraud Faivres - CTO + a team member (1h) (visio or in the office)

Hublo is engaged to create an inclusive environment for all individuals, regardless of ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, or background. During our recruitment process and internally, we enable equal opportunities and celebrate diversity.

We know that applying for a new job can be both exciting and intimidating, but don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our recruiting team will be on hand every step of the way.

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