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Joining IDOYA means being part of a multi-generational, passionate and united team for which “team life” is key (no one is at the client's office all the time!).

Each consultant works on a variety of transformation issues (related to organization, business practices, management, etc.) in different sectors (no sectorization).

IDOYA consultants are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. This is demonstrated through the recruitment and integration process (e.g.: anonymously screened applications, training, mentoring...).

The firm also works in an inclusive way with partners recognized in their expertise.

Employee breakdown

  • More than 20 years of experience


  • Between 8 and 15 years of experience


  • Less than 8 years of experience



IDOYA's consultants mainly work on human issues: changes in the organization, the governance, the management culture, the operating modes...

Our interventions cover a wide spectrum of issues, from the architecture of strategic programs to their deployment with the collective mobilization of actors to: put into practice a CSR policy, gain in operational efficiency, develop a customer culture...

They can also be focused on cross-functional, HR or managerial issues: redesigning HR policies and processes, social dialogue, developing managerial capacities, hybridizing work models and practices, etc.

Joining IDOYA means joining a young firm, with a strong growth dynamic and where there is always something to build, as a team!

Michaël, Co-founding partner at IDOYA

What drives us at IDOYA is inclusive transformation, mobilizing all stakeholders to truly transform day-to-day practices, and ensuring that the transformation is effective and sustainable.

Elodie, Co-founding partner and CEO

At IDOYA we are very careful to adapt to the pace and experience of each consultant.

Marthe, Manager and partner

At IDOYA, we are all committed to the firm’s development. This is what contributes to building a united team. Great attention is also paid to each individual.

Marie, Consultant

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