EMF Media

EMF Media

  • Employees

  • Average Age

    30 years old

Les Plus

  • Un poste 100% en télétravail. Travaille de Bali, de Londres ou de ton canapé !
  • Des horaires de travail flexibles, tant que le planning est respecté !
  • Des accès à de nombreux trainings passionnants
  • Une équipe talentueuse, et toujours là pour s’entraider
  • Des projets clients ambitieux et toujours intéressants

“Do Fast, Learn Faster”


We are not your typical agency. We are a growth team on-demand.

What they are looking for

  • Creative and passionate people

  • Deep learners

  • Digital marketing lovers, ready to make it happen

Good to know

  • Work as per your own rhythm. Break up with boring 8 am-6 pm shifts.

  • Get your laptop and work from anywhere. Bali, Paris, or from your sofa. Your productivity, your rules.

  • Be surrounded by talented team members, always aiming for new learning, sharing, and self-improvement.

  • Unlimited holidays

  • Various allowances for your health insurance, gym subscription or morning coffees

  • Competitive monthly rate.

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