Lead Product Manager

  • Indefinido 
  • Paris
  • Permitido de manera ocasional
  • Licenciatura / Máster
  • > 3 años

La empresa



  • SaaS / Cloud Services

La oferta

Lead Product Manager

  • Indefinido 
  • Paris
  • Permitido de manera ocasional
  • Licenciatura / Máster
  • > 3 años

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At Elevo, we think a well crafted software can help induce a positive paradigm shift in how companies think about people management. Historically, it’s been backwards: HR software usually emulates existing workflow in a clunky, disengaging way. We believe in delivering a management framework that works, enabled by a smooth, beautiful software to make people management work better.
We are looking for pragmatic, like-minded people that like to think through challenges to deliver the best product we can.

🎉 Our Culture

  • We build a product that will solve actual problems for our clients.
  • We believe in being a core product for our client and not a gadget
  • Our product is easily approachable, intuitive, predictable and enjoyable to use
  • We start simple, then expand

🏆 Elevo platform

  • Our customer base is growing exponentially both in number of organization using Elevo and size of the companies we serve
  • We are rapidly expanding Elevo features to improve existing use cases and support new ones
  • We have a very strong customer loyalty
  • We put great care into delivering a reliable product
  • We have a full roadmap of new and exciting ideas to pursue

Job description

🧭 Your mission

  • As the Lead Product Manager at Elevo, you will have a critical role in structuring the product function at Elevo, during a high-growth phase of the company.
  • You will put yourself in the shoes of our users and really get to understand what drives them and how Elevo can bring the best value to them:

    • an HR pushing a new innovative process in their company with Elevo
    • a Manager leading and coaching his/her team to success
    • an Individual Contributor following on his/her development and objectives
    • etc.
  • You will identify strategic and impactful features/improvements to establish the Elevo roadmap along with the founders
  • You’ll be responsible for shipping high quality features while being an asset to the Tech team, making sure nothing gets in their way
  • You will have a strategic role in estimating the ROI of a diverse set of features options, to build our roadmap
  • You will have a central role, interacting with the Sales, Marketing, Success and Operations team in order to get the full picture

🧰 What you’ll work on

  • User research
  • Product planning
  • Product definition and specing
  • Product owner: follow and track development
  • Quality Assurance
  • etc.

💎 Who you’ll work with

  • As of August 2020, Elevo is a team of 15, we take pride in being a small and very efficient team today and we continue to grow very quickly and profitable.
  • You will be the first employee fully dedicated to the Product, this will lead you to have interaction across the all company.
  • You will work in close collaboration with Thibault, Léo and the developers
  • You will report to Thibault

Preferred experience

We are looking for a super dedicated person, with 2+ years of PM experience, who will have demonstrated passion about Product Development in a previous role.

  • You have successfully delivered several end to end product projects with varied stakeholders (back and front developers, UI & UX designers, agencies, etc.)
  • Previous experience in shipping a Web app product (B2B SaaS is ideal)
  • Excellent communicator (writing and speaking)
  • Solid engineering or scientific background
  • Fluent English and French speaking
  • Analytics mindset
  • Problem solver
  • Thorough in investigating topics
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong empathy for users
  • Solid business vision
  • Knows the challenges of an early-stage startup

Recruitment process


  1. Two 30 min screening calls
  2. Case study at home
  3. On site interviews

Meet the Elevo team

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