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Tech team

As one of the newer teams of the company, the tech team is at the heart of developing our new client-facing web apps as well as planning and organising our software and data architecture across the company.

The team is characterised by a shared will to improve, not only the software and data at the company, but also their own technical skills. Feedback is central to the team culture and our developers meet regularly to discuss solutions.

The opinions of the tech team are highly valued in the company and every developer has the ability to voice their opinion on the developments of our tech products, both internal and external.

Technologies and tools


    • Node.js
    • PostgreSQL
    • Python


    • TypeScript
    • JavaScript
    • Angular
    • React JS
      React JS


    • GitHub
    • Google Cloud Platform
      Google Cloud Platform
    • AWS

Organization and methodologies

Daily: 15 minutes every day just to check the mood and update the team on what everyone is doing each day.

Code review: All code is reviewed by at least one other team member before merging.

Planning: Work is generally planned in terms of weeks needed for each iteration of each project. We work in sprints that are one week long. Developers are highly engaged in the planning process, not only in sprints but also on a larger scale.

Weekly CTO Meeting: Individual weekly meetings with the CTO to discuss any topic of your choosing.

Weekly Tech Meeting: The tech team meets every Friday to discuss any technical topics. These can include but are not at all limited to our projects, our own side-projects, new libraries, or tools, etc.

Projects and tech challenges

For our clients, having readily available access to the insights Early Metrics can provide is of the highest importance. The tech team has to make sure that the client-facing web applications hold a high standard and provide the clients with valuable insights in terms of data visualisation, with an accessible and easy to understand UI.

To be able to deliver this, the tech team must also maintain data pipelines and APIs to ensure that our analysts’ data can be properly delivered to our clients.

To be able to react quickly to client demands, Early Metrics is also highly dedicated to low-code tools. We utilise the web app development tool “Wappler” and the data integration tool Zapier to a great extent.

Recruitment process

  • Step 1: 40min online test to assess your coding skills in JavaScript
  • Step 2: 20-min call to find out together what your objectives are and if they match to what EM can offer you
  • Step 3: 1h30 technical interview with the CTO. Get to know each other, tell us what you are comfortable with, what stack you master, what projects you have worked on, and share your respective technical vision.
  • Step 4: 30-min call with one of the Co-founders. Tell us why you want to join us!

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