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Head of Technical Content

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Head of Technical Content

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Who are they?

CodinGame is both a game-based training platform for developers and a powerful technical hiring suite for companies.

  • Over 3 million passionate programmers from around the world sharpen their skills, for free, by playing games and solving puzzles on codingame.com.
  • Companies looking to recruit skilled programmers turn to CodinGame’s hiring solution, CodinGame for Work, to uncover hidden gems through unbiased technical assessment.

In 2021, CodinGame joined forces with CoderPad, the market’s leading technical interview platform, based in San Francisco.

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Job description

CodinGame helps companies identify good developers by allowing them to assess candidates’ technical skills. To this end, our technical content - hands-on programming exercises and questions on a wide variety of technologies - is a key component.

How to make technical tests meaningful, fair, and not boring for the millions of candidates who take our tests each year?
How to enable great companies to hire based on skills and not resumes through innovative and fun coding exercises?

That’s where the Head of Technical Content comes in. As a Head of Technical Content, you will be responsible for the strategies related to evaluation content:

  • Lead, develop, and be responsible for the technical content (coding exercises and questions) of the screening product
  • Establish the roadmap for adding questions, gamified exercises and new technologies
  • Implement the processes, tools and organization necessary to create quality evaluation content
  • Recruit and manage freelance experts capable of creating technical content; or create your own exercises and questions on the technologies you master!
  • Monitor and optimize content quality through data analysis, customer feedback and proactive research to stay current with the latest technologies
  • Collaborate with the R&D, Marketing, Product, and Sales departments

Preferred experience

To be comfortable in this position, you’ll need the following skills:

  • 5+ years of experience
  • Technical background in IT development
  • Passionate about new programming languages, frameworks, and tools
  • Great attention to detail
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills; French is a plus

So, if you are driven by an avid curiosity for the latest coding languages and frameworks and consider learning and sharing with your peers essential, let’s meet! Bonus if you’re the kind of person who likes to play with the trendiest frameworks on GitHub!

Recruitment process

  • We’ll start with an initial video interview to get to know you better;
  • Then we will debrief around a real-life scenario task;
  • And finally a face-to-face interview with several members of the CodinGame team.

Work environment and compensation

  • Strong company culture and values
  • Meaningful work with high impact for a well-loved product
  • Stock options with 4-year vesting schedule
  • Remote-friendly environment + monthly stipend
  • Mac/PC computer + in-home work station setup
  • Internal mobility and growth opportunities
  • Diversity and social initiatives
  • Annual company-wide offsite with travel, accommodations & meals covered
  • If you are in Montpellier: corporate concierge, afterworks, and… the sea is only 12km away from the office!


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