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The brewing heritage of AB InBev dates back more than 600 years, spanning continents and generations. From the European roots at the Den Hoorn brewery in Belgium. To the pioneering spirit of the Anheuser & Co brewery in St. Louis, US. To the founding of the Castle Brewery in South Africa during the Johannesburg gold rush. To Bohemia and the first brewery in Brazil.

The company produces over 500 brands of beers including world-famous household names such as Stella Artois, Corona, and Bud. Locally the company is famous for brands like Leffe, Tripel Karmeliet and Hoegaarden. The French office is located in Lille, where about 100 employees work in support functions. In the field, 200 employees manage the commercial relationships with local bars and supermarkets throughout France.

Customer-centric innovation for the French market is a core part of what they do. In a team effort and collaboration involving people in Sales, Supply, research and development, AB InBev successfully launched a new version of a famous brand on the French market: Leffe La Légère. La Légère combines the lightness of a lager and freshness of a light blond beer with the signature aroma of Leffe. In 2020, the year of its release, the brand was recognised as a leading innovation in the French drinks category by Nielsen.

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Their social and environmental impact

Sustainability isn’t just part of AB InBev’s business, it is its business. Their global goal is that by 2025, 100% of purchased electricity will be from renewable sources. One of the recent examples of that initiative is when AB InBev collaborated with a European logistics partner Sennder who help them to distribute their beers around the Parisian region with a reduced carbon footprint. This was possible by switching delivery trucks that ran on regular gasoline to an advanced renewable fuel produced from vegetable oil. Over one year, this initiative alone will result in the prevention of 30 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to 30 flights from Paris to New York.

To support local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Leffe’s commercial team collaborated with Michelin starred chefs to create 1,100 fine dining meal as a food pairing to our high quality alcohol-free beer Leffe 0,0. These meals were delivered to 147 hospitals and nursing homes via food trucks across France, Belgium and the Netherlands, as a show of appreciation for key workers.

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Diverse and inclusive workspace

AB InBev’s global reach means they’re able to drive positive change in culture around the world. They have over 13,000 employees of more than 70 nationalities across their European business, which gives them real opportunities to attract talent from every kind of background. One of the examples of that is AB InBev’s partnership with Têtu Connect, an organisation that celebrates diversity and encourages integration of LGBT+ communities in a workplace. AB InBev plan to use the Têtu Connect’s platform to advocate its diversity and inclusion agenda in France.

AB InBev is collaborative as a business and employees always have the freedom to reach out to anyone for support. As part of their culture, AB InBev employees are approachable. With values of meritocracy, informality and curiosity in the workplace people starting out on their careers are encouraged to network and build relationships across countries, functions and seniorities. AB InBev. Challenge Accepted.

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