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Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle

Honza has been with the company from the beginning. He wanted to change the way the companies present themselves and help people find meaningful work they would enjoy. In four years, he and his team managed to build a successful project, now operating in several European countries under the Welcome to the Jungle brand. He oversees the company development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He makes sure that everyone in the team of about 20 people does their best, recruits new colleagues, and is present if anything of lesser or greater importance happens in the company. Honza enjoys that he can be a part of a global product that allows him to use the latest technology and shake up the established order. His lifelong passion is basketball. He used to play professionally for quite some time but had to stop due to injury. He utilized his diligence acquired through training in his professional life. In his free time, he follows the latest advertising trends, travels, reads, and enjoys cooking.

Sandra worked as a freelancer in the media world for 10 years. For example, she worked with the Czech Television or Forbes and managed social media for several remarkable projects across different sectors. At the beginning of 2020, she accepted the offer, which meant a radical job change, and became the new Content Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She is responsible for the content created in Welcome to the Jungle. Sandra organizes the team of editors, translators, and proofreaders as they try to change how people think about work with inspirational articles. In WTTJ, she appreciates the multicultural and dynamic team that always tries to be one step ahead. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies (in particular those of Wes Anderson) and have a piece of good chocolate. Her dream vacation? Diving somewhere, but no deeper than 20 meters!

Honza joined Proudly/Welcome to the Jungle as a Sales Representative. Interestingly enough, he has been at the company since day one. He was responsible for acquiring new smaller clients as well as managing the preparation of comprehensive employer branding strategies for the most prominent players on the job market. It’s also to his credit that a lot of companies now realize that the right way to get long-term satisfied employees is to inspire them with their corporate culture. After four years of excellent work, Honza’s position has changed. Today, he manages the entire Sales team for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He oversees all sales activities, prepares strategies for approaching new clients, and makes sure that the set goals are achieved.

His favorite year-round pastimes are bass guitar and sauna. Honza also likes to go skiing in winter. If you need anything from him, invite him for some quality sushi, which he can truly appreciate.

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Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle

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Is the job market a Jungle?

Welcome to the Jungle is the multichannel media company that aims to inspire every individual to thrive in their professional lives.

We propose a wide variety of high-quality content (articles, videos, series, podcasts, magazines or events) to help young professionals rethink their relationship with work.

We have also created a content-rich website with 3000+ detailed company profiles – including photos, videos, and statistics (number of employees, gender, average age) – making valuable job search information accessible for prospective candidates. It is now way easier for them to narrow down the tribe they belong to!

Aiming to propose the best possible candidate experience, we provide recruiters with Welcome Kit, an in-house applicant tracking system (ATS) that is collaborative, intuitive and efficient. Recruiters using Welcome Kit can post unlimited job offers within their company profile, and efficiently manage every candidate application.

What they are looking for

Building a diverse team with various backgrounds and expertises (content, production, business, tech…) has been at the core of Welcome to the Jungle since its very beginning and is truly part of its strength today! There are no typical profiles, each and every team member shares our vision and wants to be part of its success. Welcome to the Jungle is a young, yet fast-growing, project which offers an ideal workplace for those who want to have a real impact on the growth of a company and are craving for responsibilities.

Good to know

From team workshops to Jungle parties each quarter, from annual team building to Jungle Talks where the entire team meets and discusses with someone who’s willing to share his or her background… Opportunities for the team to question and improve our (and others’) way(s) of working are plenty!

Oh, and our office is located in a typical Parisian building, in center of the capital, and offers a charming private terrace.

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