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Alexis has a "zig-zag" background. After growing up in an international environment and following a general education in business and finance, he started his career in banking in London. After 5 years in the financial markets, to give more meaning to his career, Alexis chose to become an entrepreneur. First in the toy sector, by launching an online toy library, then in the passenger transport sector by launching a cab and VTC platform. Passionate about mobility, he joined the Mobivia group (Norauto, Midas, Carter Cash) and launched a car concierge service. It was in 2018 that he created Woop with his partner Ludovic Declercq to revolutionize retail mobility. Today CEO of the company, his main mission is to build a strong team to meet many challenges!

Rather active, even superactive: his hobbies are kitesurfing in all its forms (twintip, surfing, foil) and cycling and he likes to quote film classics such as La Grande Vadrouille!

Victoria completed a master's degree in transport and international logistics at ISTELI. She first worked for a freight forwarder as a transit agent where she managed air and sea shipments for major accounts. In the second year of her studies, she moved to the client side and managed the transport providers for inbound flows. After these 100% overseas transport experiences, Victoria wanted to discover a new aspect of the supply chain closer to the consumer: the last mile! She joined Woop as Operations Manager as her first position after her studies. Today she is in charge of transport and leads a community of over 100 partners! Victoria is passionate about the world of supply, she grew up in this universe and contributes today to make known the world of transporters at the service of brands and consumers.

Her hobbies: looking at the names of the carriers on the trucks during the road of her vacations... no, no, this is not a joke. More seriously, she loves to travel and discover new cultures.

François started his career in industry with a short stint in the psychiatric hospital world (as an employee), then he quickly fell into the retail world. First in the automotive industry (at Norauto) as a project manager and then as a development center manager, then where there are passionate retailers (Auchan) where he was in charge of the technical and functional integration pole, the mobile development center and the digital tools in the sales area. Beyond the names of the brands, François had the chance to participate in rich and very different projects, and to meet enriching and passionate colleagues. We often learn more from people than from the technologies we implement.

François joined Woop at the beginning of the adventure and knows the technological and functional aspects of the supply market tools inside out. He and his team have built all the bricks of the Woop solution.

His hobbies: He is a big reader and a big consumer of series, he is also a painter of warhammer figurines and a stamp lover.

After 5 years of testing in e-commerce at Auchan, Hélène joined the Woop team, formerly Melting-point, which at the time consisted of 7 people. She discovered the team and its missions, the first 3 months in person and then in full telecommuting from Annecy where she moved. Today she manages a team of 3 people, which is still growing. Their daily work: testing the woop features and guaranteeing the quality of the deliverables so that the features proposed to the customers are quickly operational. Her hobbies: skiing (practical when you live in the mountains) and volleyball. She also sews in her spare time (especially during confinements) and is a board game fan.

Denis started as a consultant at Accenture in Paris, attached to the e-business division. He then joined a start-up in London that publishes a SAAS solution for document sharing and architectural plan modeling in building construction.

Back in France, he created his first company, which publishes a dematerialization solution for local authorities' tenders. After 6 years, he changes universe and creates one of the first French online pharmacy. A great transformation and a great success for a pharmacy that now delivers to more than 60 countries worldwide. He then became responsible for the digital transformation of an ETI to change its business model from B2B to B2C through disintermediation. He then joined Woop in order to deploy the activity with brands that see delivery as one of the key elements of their future growth. His motivation: to put technology at the service of individuals and organizations. For Denis, developing Woop means solving the problems faced by brands, with the complexity and the requirement of a perfect and committed delivery. It is as a team that Woop will manage to offer its services to the greatest number of people... So join us!

His hobbies: ride his bike and ride without constraint...

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Commerce is on the move and consumer demands are becoming more and more important. After digitization, we are witnessing a revolution in the mobility of commerce: it is following that of the consumer. Brands need to optimize and secure their transport capacities while offering more and more services to guarantee a perfect brand experience to their customers throughout the delivery process.

To meet these new challenges, Woop has developed the first European platform for orchestrating last-mile delivery solutions.

Woop's mission: to bring brands closer to their consumers.

The Woop ecosystem is composed of a hundred brands and partner carriers.

Woop makes delivery as easy as a wink.


Did you know? Their research shows that Woop is kind of like "taxi" - you can pronounce it in any of the world's 3,000 languages.

#International #Local

Let's woopit! Commerce in motion

What they are looking for

To support Woop's growth and deliver their mission with meaning, they are looking for future woopers :

  • with a particular affinity for technology, software and/or e-commerce
  • a true team player, able to put themselves at the service of their collaborators with the objective of collective success
  • a tolerant and sharp sense of humor


Good to know

At Woop, they are optimistic, powerful, collaborative and inventive.

Woop is :

  • a truly international environment, with foreign clients and colleagues.
  • transparent communication about the life of the company, regular and agile
  • afterworks, breakfasts, team meals and seminars in the countryside & collective sports sessions
  • mobility and flexibility
  • a stimulating work environment that they share with different start-ups and retail leaders
  • bright, spacious and perfectly located premises in the heart of Lille's ch'tilicon valley and opposite the Lille Europe train station.

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