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  • AdTech / MarTech, Digital Marketing / Data Marketing, Residential Real Estate
  • Auderghem, Brugge, Gent, Hannut, Jambes, Liège, Nalinnes, Rixensart
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Gabrielle is a fierce lady who is able to detect in just a few seconds what the real & underlying problem is and how to solve it diplomatically. She spots opportunities like her own breathing and finds the right tools, messages and people to implement it in the most efficient and effective way.

She isn’t afraid of a challenge and loves to decorate dull spaces into beautiful, design and cosy homes. Her confidence, strength and creative thinking makes her an inspiration to other business women.

Benjamin is a smart cookie. “Think before act” is most certainly one of his favorite quotes.

Besides his positive attitude and kind smile, he is a very good listener and always prepared to defend his honor with well-though arguments. That’s what makes him a good sales advisor when it comes to persuade people making the right real estate choice.

Martine is without a doubt an intelligent go-getter. Once she got an idea into her head, no ocean it too deep to stop her to be able to reach her goal.

She is loyal, trustworthy and resourceful in every aspect. A woman not at all afraid to go out of her comfort zone, but always a well calculated risk. Never act without well-thought action plan.

Besides her obvious business mind and experience as a developer, she is an incredible warm and social person who you’d love to have in your team.

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We Invest is a 2.0 Real Estate, Marketing, Sales & Tech Company - who revolutionizes the real estate sector. Our slogan is also our motto "Rethink Real Estate". Why? How? Simple, by being different, thinking different and acting different! If you want to know more about it, come and have a chat with us!

In the meantime We Invest is growing rapidly and we want to continue to surround ourselves with the best talents and experts. Originally, we are based in Brussels, but our ambition reaches all boundaries. But we need your help in becoming number one as a real estate leader by 2020.

What they are looking for

Prepare yourself, because each day is different. We Invest is looking for highly motivated team players with a constant need to always find the best possible solution in every situation. We Invest is a human agency that pays a lot of attention to every team member and its tasks. We Invest loves to play sports, host parties but more especially loves to pay attention to people that love to work and make the real estate world a better place.

At We Invest they celebrate every milestone with awesome candies and selfies. We Invest gives you the opportunity to explore what you are good at and therefor ‘we invest’ in you as a person, in your skills, in your experience, in your strengths and weaknesses and many more. The sky is actually the limit at We Invest.

Good to know

They are crazy about each other and get the most out of every occasion. They celebrate milestones with cake, candies, drinks and many more. They play often sport together because a healthy body means a healthy mind !

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