Revenue Operations Manager


Revenue Operations Manager

  • Freelance 
  • Salary between €3K and €5.6K / month
  • Possible full remote

The company



  • Software, FinTech / InsurTech, SaaS / Cloud Services

The job

Revenue Operations Manager

  • Freelance 
  • Salary between €3K and €5.6K / month
  • Possible full remote

Who are they?

For the last four years, Vestberry has been building a fintech analytical tool that’s helping manage billions of dollars worth of Private Equity & Venture Capital fund investments. They are on track to becoming the industry’s standard for portfolio management thanks to customers like Atomico - the 2nd largest EU VC fund, which invested in companies like Wolt, Skype, or Stripe. To reach their ambitious, but realistic goals, they are looking to grow their team.

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Job description

Hello from Vestberry! We are scaling our revenue-generating teams to maintain 3x+ revenue growth well into millions of ARR. We believe the alignment of our sales, marketing, and customer teams is instrumental to deliver this growth efficiently - achieving 90%+ Gross Retention, 120%+ Net Retention, and CAC Payback below 16 months. Hence, we are looking for a Revenue Operations Manager who will act as our CEO’s right hand in all topics revenue. You will be working horizontally across our organization and co-operate with our operations team to:

Drive predictable revenue

  • Connecting data across the business to make sure we are aligned on what we are doing
  • Being responsible for the development and accuracy of 3-month rolling cash-in forecast
  • Driving go-to-market strategy development when entering new markets or penetrating existing

Improve the efficiency of our revenue process

  • Designing our quote-to-contract-to-invoice process
  • Owning our pricing, upsells, and renewal process
  • Leading deal desk to ensure smooth deal progression

Steer our approach to the management of revenue teams

  • Co-defining our commissions and variable compensation strategy with the Head of Business Development
  • Preparing our quotas and targets
  • Keeping an eye on headcount planning

We believe this is an excellent opportunity for someone on a Chief Revenue Officer track who wants to become an instrumental part of our growth story. Working at Vestberry is also an ideal gateway to the world of venture capital and private equity.

Let us know if you are up for the challenge!

What we offer:

We believe Vestberry is an opportunity to work on a successful local project in the fintech sector with clients worldwide. It’s still “just work,” and we try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we place importance on creating an environment where we can enjoy ourselves most of the time.

Vestberry isn’t our first rodeo. While our average age is 30, we’ve already been through stuff, know where our boundaries are, and have a culture where it’s OK to admit we don’t know something. That’s why we love people who know more than us and frequently engage them as consultants or hire them full-time. Also, we have an atmosphere of mutual trust and growth. We share “typically hidden” details during our all-hands, answer all questions, and often have team-generated sessions where we learn from each other. You can read more about us at

Work-life balance

  • Vacation days & sick days: Take the time you need to recharge and come back full of new ideas and energy. Everyone is guaranteed a minimum of 20 - 25 vacation days.
  • Flexible hours & work from home: We let you structure your work schedule around your needs and it is up to you where you work. We welcome you to join us in the office from time to time.
  • MultiSport card: Everyone gets a fully paid MultiSport card to enjoy various sports and wellness facilities.

Team bonding

  • Quality time with the founders: Get 1on1 time with a founder to talk about anything. Share your ideas, ask for advice or just bond. Book one of the “Talk to me about anything” slots in their calendar.
  • Company offsites: Twice per year, we get away from the office for a few days, reflect, and have meaningful discussions about strategy, and the future of the organization.
  • Team breakfast: Twice a month, we take a long morning and catch up with colleagues from other teams on both work & fun topics over a delicious breakfast.

Office life

  • Great office location: We’ve got a private office within Campus Cowork in Bratislava’s city center, overlooking the Presidential Palace (say hello to Madam President). There is a rooftop terrace on the 7th floor as well.
  • Pet-friendly colleagues: Most of our colleagues have a dog or other pets. We even have a #cutenessoverload channel on Slack where you share your cute pet moments. Anyhow, your furry friend is welcome to join you at the office.
  • Plants all around: Forget about the concrete jungle and unwelcoming office buildings. In the Vestberry office, there are more plants than people. Welcome to our jungle.
  • On-site coffee shop: Need a coffee break? Campus Cowork has an on-site coffee shop with great coffee and various snacks. Order a cup of coffee and head to the 7th-floor rooftop terrace to enjoy it.

Preferred experience

This position is best-suited for an experienced RevOps professional that wants to get more exposure and grow professionally while having the opportunity to leverage their knowledge and setup our process for success from scratch. Ideally, you are already working in B2B SaaS and have a clear vision of how to do RevOps. However, we are also open to other candidates with experience in supporting revenue-generating teams in other contexts.

Regardless of the specifics of your background, you should be able to demonstrate:

  • Consulting skills demonstrated by the ability to break down complex problems into pieces in an orderly way, understand their intricacies, and define a solution that your stakeholders will understand and want to adopt.
  • Communication skills that include professional English and the skills to calm a heated situation and focus on achieving an outcome that works for all parties involved.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills across a wide array of tools. You can easily switch between brainstorming a process improvement on a whiteboard and developing a weighted-average cash-in prediction model.

Ideally, you also have an affinity for the world of finance/venture capital/private equity and a basic understanding of its key concepts.



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