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VWTS Services Financing Program Manager

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Job description

We need a Financing Program Manager to direct and lead our policy and implementation of 3rd Party financing options within the Equipment and Systems (ES) business. The magnitude and required speed of the growth plan warrants a dedicated team to ensure necessary focus around 3rd party financing options. The VWTS Financing Program Manager will be responsible for the development of this capability and the implementation of compliant processes to drive growth and continuous improvement.

In this role, you'll report to the CFO ES Services & Projects and dotted line to Services Growth COE Leader.

Main responsibilities:

  • Development of a project structure, including financing and project strategy. Structure needs to be applicable to 3rd party financing solutions to support medium or large projects and services deals. Ensuring the below:
  •  Strategies align with VWTS’ and clients’ objectives.
  • Strategies are replicable to facilitate DBFO projects with legal, contractual, and financing standards.
  • Alignment with all relevant teams such as commercial, legal, and technical teams.
  • Clarity of VWTS involvement and risk portfolio, including the development of strong risk mitigation actions.
  • The alignment with norms and accounting departments at VWTS and Veolia Group level to understand and comply with all relevant IFRS norms for VWTS Veolia and ensure understanding of IFRS or US GAAP impacts for the client.
  • The development and management of comprehensive financial models for all projects including risk analysis, revenue projection, and cost estimates. Model needs to also include all relevant KPI’s and follow the group’s processes. Continuously sound the marketplace to find third party investors who meet the requirements of WTS opportunities, large and medium size. This includes the below:
  • Potential investor: assess investors appetite for middle size projects and for risk level (from purely credit risk to full project development risks).
  • Potential contractor: assess contractor appetite to provide services(construction, installation, monitoring, management, completion etc.) to complement VWTS EP role.
  • Potential advisors: assess advisors (technical, legal and financial) that could provide services to secure project financing.
  • Meet with relevant parties as needed, and ensure appropriate standards of communication and appearance during all 3rd party engagements.
  •  Support the Commercial, Engineering, and Sales teams to close DBFO packaged Projects from prospecting through signing stages through effective collaboration. This should include, but is not limited to the below.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with the commercial team to understand their needs and challenges in the selling process.
  • Collaborate with the commercial engineering team to develop and tailor financial products and solutions that meet the specific needs of clients and participate in negotiations when needed.
  • Provide training and ongoing support to the commercial team on financing aspects or other structure finance matters.
  • Present and negotiate structure and / or financing options with clients.
  •  Collaborate and manage internal and external stakeholders when necessary to reach commercial and financial close.
  • Prepare information for 3rd party investors when needed in alignment with legal to ensure only public data is shared or the appropriate NDAs are in place.
  • Internal reporting and management
  • Maintain a pipeline of potential financed opportunities.
  • Establishes appropriate reporting KPIs and reports out to program governors.
  • Develop appropriate communication and escalation processes to ensure deals move along timely.
  • Highlight and manage project risks and opportunities to relevant stakeholders in advance and timely.
  • Connect with VWTS, and Veolia Group department to ensure VWTS and Veolia Group compliance
  •  Follow up on commercially closed projects to ensure continuity and continuous improvement
  • Accompany operational team to deal with disputes, claims, or other conflicts with customers or any other 3rd party.
  • Establish financial check ins on actual project execution and performance vs. what was assumed during the planning stages.
Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

As an inclusive company, Veolia is committed to diversity and gives equal consideration to all applications, without discrimination.

Preferred experience

Required Experience:

  •  Experience working in complex structures, JV's and in a matrix environment
  •  Financial modelling and business case presentation experience
  • 15+ years professional experience
  •  10+ years of experience in the water industry
  •  Degree and post-graduate qualification in relevant engineering or science
  •  Established experience in project management and proven track record of delivering complex, multi-disciplinary projects
  • Established experience in managing project budgets and spend
  •  Broad understanding of engineering, commercial and fulfilment services necessary to delivery service solutions
  • Broad understanding of legislative and best practices for construction project delivery
  •  Proven experience in working and managing third parties and suppliers including contract and maintaining performance
  • Will be expected to travel regularly

Other important skills:

  •  Project management experience and strong leadership skills
  •  Highly organized and motivated
  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely with multiple stakeholders and at all levels in the organization
  •  Networking expertise and ability to influence executive management

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