TotalEnergies Digital Factory

TotalEnergies Digital Factory

Passionate by technical challenges, Jeremy worked mostly on performance constraints and optimizations solutions in various company such as Thalès, Murex or Havas Media. Seduced by the technical mindset but also by the people and projects at the Digital Factory, Jeremy has joined as a Technical Leader.

His motto is to make everyone feel good at work by empowering people and creating better code faster all together. Aside from work, Jeremy’s a running addict always eager to learn a new foreign language.

After more than 20 years developing software products in different industries from Healthcare, Banking, Travel, Mining and Luxury Retail, Elhadi decided to join the TotalEnergies Digital Factory to actively contribute to the Total transformation. He is the Chief Technology Officer, he is the caring leader of all the Factory agile teams, also called “squads”.

Elhadi believes that mixing people, technology and business are the recipe of any innovative and successful transformation. He likes to build the bridge between people and organization from Total to help the transformation.

Gaile has a strong interest for maths. Therefore she worked in various domains but all related to Computer Science. About 2 years ago, she had the opportunity to be an AI technology scout for a year in Boston at MIT for Total.

She’s now working as a Coach and Community manager in the Data team at TotalEnergies Digital Factory, she is helping projects to go smoothly in this fast-pasted and stimulating environment.

Frédéric Gimenez joined Total in 1994. He built his career and expertise through many positions mainly in the IT departments of the Group. On September 2019, Frédéric Gimenez is appoint Chief Digital Officer of the Total Group and TotalEnergies Digital Factory CEO.

He strongly believes that digital is an accelerator for transformation, through innovations and value creation. His mission is to support Group’s ambition of accelerating its digital transformation.

After my graduation at ENSICAEN, I joined Thales Group in 2017 as a software engineer. I worked on several cloud-based projects on which I had the chance to actively participate to the project conception, from the end users interviews to the deployment in production, working with Agile methods.

Three and a half years later, I chose to discover another business with new horizons, and this is how I started at Totalenergies

After completing my engineering degree at Télécom Paris, I joined the TotalEnergies Digital Factory as a Data Scientist in September 2020.

I first spent a year in the Data Studio with the mission to ensure the technical feasibility of projects containing a data science aspect within the TDF and to participate in the acculturation to data science of the members of the Company. Today I have joined a development team where the objective is to put into production machine learning models that facilitate the daily tasks of TotalEnergies' engineers.

I was gratuated of EPITA with a specialization on Systems and Networks Cybersecurity. Then I began my professional career in Ministère de l’Intérieur as a developer. Later on I changed my position for working as penetration tester before getting to a management position managing an engineering team.

After those 7 years working for stage government I work as Chief Information Security Officer here at the TDF.

Since 2013, I have worked in the commerce and e-commerce sector in both start-ups and large groups. From the beginning, I was attracted by the AMOA professions and it is naturally around the challenges of software quality assurance that I built my entire career.

These experiences have given me the desire to work on support and transformation projects in the management of the quality of information systems. And to be at the service of the business and the user experience. This is why I joined TDF in 2021.

Since my schooldays in 2013 at Polytech’Angers and before acting as Tech Lead in TotalEnergies Digital Factory, I worked from Banque Postale insurance marketing data analysis to auditing BNP software craftmanships practices, going through real estate funds management software maintainance for Amundi and realization of electrotechnical computations service system for Enedis.

Let’s keep improving our craft together every day!

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Think you know everything about TotalEnergies?
You’ll be surprised!

Did you know that TotalEnergies is a broad-energy company?
Oil, gas, solar, wind are the necessary resources to produce and distribute not only fuels, but also natural gas and low-carbon electricity.

They are explorers, refiners, chemists, battery manufacturers, marketers, ... and all the employees share a common conviction: digital is a key lever for innovation and value creation for their businesses. It is also an essential asset for achieving their carbon neutrality (NetZero) climate ambition by 2050.

This is why they have created a dedicated entity, the DIGITAL FACTORY of TotalEnergies. Its mission?

  • Deliver”: by creating tailor-made digital solutions applied to various domains;
  • Accelerate”: by being agile and delivering digital solutions at scale for our sites all over the world
  • Transform”: by changing the way we work, think, act, decide, collaborate, differently together

Developers, Data scientists, Technical Leaders and other experts… over a period of 2-years, more than 300 experts will be gathered in the heart of Paris to fulfill this mission.

They are waiting for you to be part of the adventure!

What they are looking for

Don’t miss this great career opportunity to join DIGITAL FACTORY of TotalEnergies!

Do you want to apply and develop your skills by being part of a learning organization and by using cutting edge technologies and methods?

Are you motivated by designing innovative digital solutions, ready to prove their value on the field, for users in various trades spread across the globe?

Join them and become an ambassador of TotalEnergies' digital transformation in an agile, collaborative, caring and empowering environment!

Good to know

DIGITAL FACTORY of TotalEnergies is:

  • An inclusive environment where diversity of all kinds is accepted and valued and where everyone can express their uniqueness;
  • A family spirit animated by lively team rituals;
  • A great place to work, soon to be located in the heart of Paris in the "Silicon Sentier", in close proximity to Paris’ dynamic startup ecosystem;
  • Teams driven by 3 strong commitments: #GROWEVERYDAY #BUILDWITHPURPOSE #MAKEADIFFERENCE

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