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After first obtaining a bachelor's degree in molecular biology and animal physiology followed by a master's degree in computer biology, Romain discovered his passion for computer programming. His early tasks reinforced his desire to become a Java developer. He first worked at the Pasteur Institute on the development of biological resource management applications, then at Renault-Nissan, as a Java developer, on a project to create a tool in an international context where he became familiar with agile methods. In 2018, Tinubu hired him as part of a service during which he worked on a new international customer project. At the beginning of 2020, Romain joined the development teams in order to participate in the creation of a new credit insurance solution for the Medium Term. Today, Romain is Lead Java and ReactJS Technician and Scrum Master.

Olivier is a graduate of ISEN, the Institut Supérieur de l'Electronique et du Numérique (Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training). He has been working in software development for more than 20 years. After 12 years at Capgemini, he joined Tinubu in 2008 where he spent more than 8 years contributing to the development and enrichment of products. In December 2017, after 2 years’ experience at MFG Labs, Olivier returned to Tinubu as Special Projects Manager to build and lead the new team in charge of the new bonding & surety product. He has been Product Director at Tinubu since 2019.

Laurie is a graduate from IAE in Lyon and joined Tinubu in 2018 as a Risk Analyst. Since January 2022 Laurie has been working as a Team Leader, managing a group of five risk analysts within Tinubu's Risk department. This team analyzes the solvency of companies, contributing to the overall risk management services that Tinubu provides on behalf of its credit insurance and corporate customers.

Laurie greatly appreciates the credit committees that are regularly organized at Tinubu, where the members of Tinubu's Risk department meet to discuss the most complex cases. This enables the risk analysts to present their analysis and recommendations before a panel of experts.

As the Group Deputy CEO, Olivier played a major role in expanding Tinubu’s international footprint. His information systems and digital transformation expertise lead to the development and constant optimization of the Tinubu SaaS platform. Before co founding the company in 2000, Olivier had built a strong experience in the design and management of risk assessment, IT systems and risk information databases for financial institutions including NatWest, Credito Italiano, Société Générale, and for credit insurers such as Euler Group. Olivier holds a master’s degree in Technology from the Paris-Saclay University and an Executive MBA from both Stanford University Graduate School of Business and INSEAD.

Jing joined Tinubu's customer service department in 2016 where she provides day-to-day support to users. In 2018, her work evolved and she quickly joined the testing team. In her new role as tester, she uses her knowledge of Tinubu's solutions as well as her experience with users.

Organized and rigorous, nothing gets past Jing who knows exactly how to proceed to detect bugs. Highly communicative, she knows how to explain anomalies to teams of developers and business analysts in a constructive way. She also works to improve the user experience by suggesting changes.

She is currently working on one of Tinubu's major projects, which allows her to work regularly with the client teams.

Diane is a graduate of ESIAG - Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique Appliquée à la Gestion (Higher School of Applied Computer Science for Management). After working for several years as a Project Manager in various digital services companies, Diane joined Tinubu’s Product team.

For the past 3 years, she has accompanied Tinubu's customers in their modernization and technological development process. Her skills of synthesis and rigor are often challenged but working in an international context does not scare her; quite the contrary, since she can count on the support of Tinubu's technical teams.

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Tinubu is the business facilitator and exchange enabler that delivers fluidity and simplicity to the insurance industry by using the strength of collective performance. Our company is an alliance of technology software and insurance expertise offering the best combination to its clients. It covers the entire value chain of credit insurance & surety with one end-to-end platform, connecting every part of your business with one digital highway.  Created in 2000 and headquartered in Paris, France, Tinubu is an independent software provider and employs 170 people, located in Paris, London, New York, Orlando, Singapore, and Montreal. Its clients represent 30 of the top 60 Credit & Surety underwriters worldwide.

What they are looking for

Tinubu is above all looking for passionate, curious and enthusiastic people who enjoy a challenge. Those who wish to join Tinubu must have a strong team spirit and a sense of customer service in order to support its international growth.

Good to know

They’re looking for a wide variety of profiles in fields as varied as R&D, innovation and sales, but also in support functions such as finance, HR and marketing. Beyond profiles from the insurance, banking or digital professions, it is interesting career paths, personalities, creative minds and a strong appetite for innovation that will make the difference.

Tinubu is also:

  • Lunch & Learn on various topics presented by colleagues to develop personal culture and internal networking.
  • Regular events such as a picnic in the park in front of the offices, delicious coffee breaks, or mid-afternoon ice cream deliveries.
  • Breakfasts to welcome new arrivals.
  • But also, events outside the office such as indoor football or 10 km races to challenge yourself.
  • A great annual party in December.
  • A kick-off with all the French and International teams in January.
  • The Tinubu offices are fully accessible.

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